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Stray kitten rescued twice in Boston

A stray kitten cashed in two of her nine lives this past weekend, according to the Boston Globe.

The news source reports that Peaches, an adorable tangerine-colored feline, was discovered early Saturday morning after it crawled into a Dorchester, Massachusetts resident's car engine. The motorist quickly rang the Animal Rescue League to help the animal out of her pesky predicament.

"You can't just yank her out of there," Jennifer Wooliscroft, a spokeswoman for the organization, told the news outlet. "It's pretty delicate, and as luck would have it, [the rescue technician] in another life was an auto mechanic and knew exactly how to take apart the pulley system."

However, immediately after Peaches was pulled from the engine, she scurried off and landed in a rat hole. She was rescued once again and rushed to the vet for surgery.

Peaches is now recovering nicely, and is enjoying a less dangerous existence in the foster care of an Animal Rescue League veterinarian.

Becoming a foster parent to a dog or cat can help an animal get the attention they need before they enter a loving home.
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