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Stretch like (or with!) your cat.

Exercising like a cat has been recommended for decades.  Not the roll over and sleep kind of exercise - but specifically, the stretch.  

Cats have elevated the stretch from a simple two-second movement to a lingering art that yogi-masters around the world have reason to envy.  They are capable of incredible contortions in a slow, fluid, and apparently relaxing form.  Their flexibility astounds us.  Clearly they know something we should learn.

When you stretch, you increase blood flow to tired muscles, slowly preparing them for more exciting activities, like running, playing, or sleeping.  Stretching helps your joints to achieve their full range of motion, making physical activities such as string-chasing and mid-air flips less likely to cause harm.  Your cat would tell you that stretching should be pleasurable, not painful - if it hurts, you've gone too far.  Finally, stretching just makes us happy.  If you have a cat interested in the health sciences, she'll let you know that's because of a purrfectly natural release of endorphins.

So stretch like your cat; stretch with your cat.  Your day will be better because of it.

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