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Study: Animals may enjoy music, but not same as humans

Because humans enjoy listening to music, some might assume their dogs, cats and other pets enjoy it, too. However, Charles Snowdon, an animal psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently discovered that animals probably do not enjoy the same music humans like. They may, however, like other types of sounds designed for their senses, Life's Little Mysteries reports.

In his research, Snowdon found that humans like music that falls within our acoustic and vocal range, uses tones we can comprehend and has a tempo no slower or faster than our heartbeats. This explains why sounds that are too high or too low are unpleasant, and why music that is too slow or too fast is unrecognizable to us.

Because dogs and other animals have different vocal ranges and heart beats than humans, it makes sense that they do not respond to human music, the source reports. However, large dogs may respond to music more than smaller breeds because their vocal ranges and heartbeats are more similar to those of humans. reports that it can be difficult to determine what an animal truly "enjoys." Dogs that seem to like music could simply be responding to a positive change in their owners' moods, for instance. Others might have developed a positive association with music because of animal food or other rewards. 
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