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The Safe Outdoors

There are an awful lot of reasons to keep your kitties indoors - big predators like coyotes lurk out there, as do little irritations like fleas, and worst of all, the possibility that kitty may not come home safely.  But some cats just don't like to live their entire lives inside, even if you give them plenty of play exercise, good food, kitty grass and love.  Don't worry.  You have options.

You've probably seen dog runs and thought, "My cat would be out of that in thirty seconds flat."  But some very creative people have taken the idea and modified it especially for our feline friends.   One animal shelter's cat run in India uses recycled materials, including car tires, bottles, and bicycle rims.  Another was a heady building experience that helped the cat's human counterpart to quit smoking.  And a third amazing contraption, the Kittywalk, was invented using fish netting, dye, and wickets by owners who inherited their daughter's cats (who wasn't allowed at the college she was attending).  The Kings not only invented an amazing cat run, they have also turned it into a business, accompanied by kitty strollers and more.

You can do this too!  Whether you choose to buy pre-prepared modules, or be creative and make your own, a regular outdoor experience can be rewarding for you and your cat.  Keep your cat happy - and safe, too.


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