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The ability to climb trees may help animals live longer

The next time your cat clambers up a tree and refuses to come down, remember that they could be acting on self-preserving instincts, and that your feline friend's ability to scamper up to the highest branch may correlate to a longer life.

These findings might make you feel a little better about having to lure your cat down from their arboreous perch with a can of tuna fish.

Research conducted at the University of Illinois suggests that tree-dwelling mammals, such as grey squirrels, will have a significantly longer life expectancy than related animals, such as prairie dogs, who spend all of their time on the ground.

Because the arbourous creatures have a lower likelihood of encountering predators or accidents as they scurry amid the branches of high trees, their life expectancy is naturally a little bit longer.

Of course, when it comes to domesticated pets like cats, owners can help animals live longer by scheduling regular trips to the vet to make sure that their pet has all of the recommended vaccines.
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