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These Siamese Are Very Pleased By Weekly Win

When three Siamese cats were turned in to Specialty Purebred Rescue, it was discovered all three needed an immediate trip to the vet.

“Otis, Stormy, and Rocky are three ten-year-old brothers who were surrendered to our rescue when their owner was no longer able to care for them. The two Sealpoint Siamese and Sealpoint Balinese had not seen a vet since they were six months old. and all of them had such severe dental disease that they were underweight and could barely eat,” said Kirsten Kranz at the rescue.

Luckily, the Wisconsin group’s friends online were busy voting for them in The Animal Rescue Site’s Shelter+ Challenge with A $1,000 grant for being a “weekly winner” in March paid for the necessary dental work as well as vaccinations, testing, microchips, and exams.

With all three back to normal, the group was able to find them a loving forever home.

“Siamese are typically very long-lived cats (twenty years or more is the norm),” said Kranz, “so these medical procedures enabled them to realize that extra healthy decade or more of life. Shortly after their vetting, just the right home came along and all three were adopted together.”

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, located in Kenosha, WI, was the Week 10 weekly winner in the $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge running until April 28 on The Animal Rescue Site.

Picture of Otis, Stormy, and Rocky courtesy of Specialty Purebred Rescue

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