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Things to consider before animal adoption

Living situation, space, lifestyle and family members are all considerations that should be carefully weighed before making the choice to pursue animal adoption, according to a recent report from the Jamestown Sun.

Animal adoption is highly beneficial for the rescue animals who need a new home. Thus, Kris Meidinger, the dog manager for the James River Human Society, recommends choosing the right dog to fit your living situation.

Depending on whether one has an apartment, farm or large house, different types of dogs may be better suited than others.

“You need to consider the exercise needs of the dog. The dog’s need for exercise should match the owner’s exercise habits," said Meidinger.

For the less active owner, a terrier or dachshund would be a better match than a Dalmation or a husky - both of whom enjoy large amounts of exercise.

Kaye John of the Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown also says that older people are more likely to adopt older pets.

About 39 percent of American households have one dog, and 24 percent of dog owners have two dogs, according to the Humane Society. About 9 percent of canine owners have three or more dogs in their homes.
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