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Thirteen days later, cat named Bess rescued from tree

Bess, the cat, was scared and alone. She had been stuck in a tree for thirteen days, according to a new report from the Telegraph. Bess was successfully rescued by a team of tree surgeons, including Andrew Parrott and Craig Archer.

"It's absolutely incredible she managed to spend so long up there with no food or anything. I could see how anxious she was as she was being lowered down. When she was on the ground she leapt out and darted to the kitchen looking for something to eat," Gwen Russell-Jones, the owner of the cat, told the publication.

The tree surgeons are a part of the Heart of England Tree Services. They were able to reach the cat who was suffering from lack of food and strong winds. It turned out to be a happy ending for all the parties involved - the cat, the owner and the rescuers.
The Humane Society reports that there are more than 93 million household cats in the United States. However, animal overpopulation is still a problem and many shelters are overcrowded. The Humane Society aims to dispel the myth that female cats should only be spayed after their first litter. This is not true - it has been shown that female cats spayed before the first litter are often healthier.
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