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Thousands of acres saved with GreaterGood 2012 grants

In 2012, many of’s charitable partners successfully completed projects to save endangered wildlife habitat. All of these projects were supported, in part, by grants made possible by The Rainforest Site’s “Click Here to Give” and Gifts That Give More.

With final land acquisition done by the World Land Trust-US, the 6,000-acre Sierra Caral Amphibian Reserve will protect some of Guatemala's most endangered wildlife.

In Africa, the new Laikipia National Park, created by African Wildlife Foundation and Nature Conservancy, will give wide ranging wildlife like elephants, lions, and zebra the ability to move safely through open habitat that is not bisected by roads, fences, and other forms of development. More than 17,100 acres of previously privately held land was saved from development.

Additional grants for wildlife rescue, preservation programs for big cats and marine mammals, and sanctuaries for threatened species like the Sumatran orangutan were made during the year.

Along with World Land Trust - US, ended 2012 with an effort to save an additional 332 acres in the Serra Bonita rainforest of Brazil through a matching grant sponsored by a generous donor.

Overall, The Rainforest Site’s “Click Here To Give” program saved 7,374 acres of rainforest from development or logging, with an additional 1,259 acres of rainforest saved through shopping at The Rainforest Site store.

In 2012,’s total contributions to charity exceeded $2.6 million.

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