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Tiny teacup owl is a big celebrity

Connery is a tiny owl that is less than 7 inches tall and weighs under 3 ounces, at full size, but he already has a Facebook page that is helping draw attention to animal rescue efforts, according to the Herald Extra News.

Connery participates in educational programs with the Great Basin Wildlife Rescue center, also the organization that rescued the petite owl when he was injured last year.

His Facebook page offers a warm welcome for online friends.

"Hi! My name is Connery, and I'm a 2-year-old Northern Saw-whet Owl. ...Just half a year ago I received head trauma from flying into a windmill! Luckily some people found me, and they took me to Great Basin Wildlife Rescue where the volunteers there were able to save my life! Now I am recovering from my injuries," says Connery's profile.

Due to his injuries, Connery will likely not return to the wild but will serve as one of the demonstration animals when the animal rescue center goes on tours to schools and other events.

According to his profile, Connery's personal interests include deer, mice and voles.
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