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Tips for keeping your dog safe in the winter

It's officially the heart of the winter, which means snow will surely be pummeling all parts of the country. Still, if you're a pet parent, staying holed up inside until the spring finally rears its head isn't exactly an option - after all, when your pooch as got to go, he's got to go! gave dog owners some pointers on how to make sure their beloved companion stays safe during the chillier months of the year.

First, try to put a sweater on your pup if they have shorter hair. This will help keep them warm when the thermometer is way down low.

Also, don't forget to watch out for salted snow. Wipe your canine's feet immediately once back inside, and whenever possible, use doggie booties.

Finally, older dogs suffering from arthritis should be carried to spots where they can relieve themselves. This will prevent inflammation and thwart painful outbreaks.

Experts believe that dog booties can also come in handy in the summer, especially when taking your pet hiking and through tough terrain.
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