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Tired deer rescued in Utah canyon

A poor deer who lost its way in a Utah canyon was saved in a daring animal rescue, according to the Deseret News.

The news source reports that little buck made its way down the 200-foot walls of Moqui Canyon and soon realized it had nowhere to go. That's when the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and conservationist Sean Spencer stepped in.

"I can't see any good way that he's going to be able to get out," Spencer told the news outlet he recalled thinking. "Any of the ledges he gets on, he's not going to be able to climb out of the canyon, and if he gets in the water and swims, he's got a long swim ahead of him."

Spencer and his team eventually made the animal jump into the water, where they were able to lasso him into their boat. After restraining the animal, they drove to the other side of the lake, where the hills are safer and food is plentiful, and dropped him off.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, deer typical live in "edge" habitats, where forest quickly turns into marsh. 
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