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Tony the tiger spends four days in San Francisco Zoo

Most people know that cats hate water. But when the moat located in the habitat of Tony the tiger, one of the most famous residents of the San Francisco Zoo, dried up, the large feline quickly adopted the dried pit where the water had been as one of his favorite abodes.

In fact, he loved the secluded spot so much that he refused to come out of it, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 18-year-old wildcat (who's 90 in cat years) climbed into the moat on Thursday and set up camp. He refused to budge for four days, and eventually zoo officials were forced to tranquilize the tiger and call in firefighters to lift him to safety, the news provider reports.

The zookeepers noted that of the three tigers who reside at the zoo, Tony is the most private, and seems to enjoy alone time.

"Why he went down and stayed down, who knows," said zoo spokesperson Lora LaMarca. "They've got minds of their own."

According to the animal rights organization World Wildlife, the population of tigers is declining at the fastest rate of any species. The biggest threat to their survival seems to be hunters working to meet the high demand for their bones, skin and other body parts.
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