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Top Rescue Stories of 2012

Lifelong friendships forged from modest beginnings. Love at first sight. Lives transformed by rescued pets. These heartwarming tales of camaraderie offer a glimpse into the lives of pets and their families, and last year saw some amazing stories. In case you missed them, here are some of the top Rescue Stories of 2012:

Coco, a Study in Patience Trooper, an Ordeal Rusty, Ambassador for Peace

#10) Barley, Just the Right Size

"Convinced I WAS going home with a dog, I walked the kennel again. The medium-sized dog was still there. He still pressed himself up against his door and swished his tail..." – Joann Pool, from Wheaton, IL

#9) Rusty, Ambassador for Peace

"When we first set him down to try out his new legs, Rusty stood a moment, puzzled. He took a hop. Then another. Then he was racing up and down the rugs, overjoyed with his new mobility!" – Dana Krempels, from Miami, FL

#8) Lincoln, the Miracle Kitty

"We started his physical therapy that night, and over the course of a week, we experienced his first paw flexes, sitting up on his own for the first time, as well as his first steps..." – Bobbi Hale, from St. Louis, MO

#7) Coco, a Study in Patience

"Later in the day, I noticed a pen with a dozen dogs, all excited and jumping and wanting to be picked up...all except for one. She was lying in the middle with her head on the ground, her huge eyes looking up at me..." – Susan Moy, from San Pedro, CA

#6) Trooper, an Ordeal

"He started out as 'Chance' because that's all he had. His feral mother abandoned him at birth on a cold May day, and we awoke to his pitiful crying..." – Terri Brittingham, from Lehighton, PA

Corky, a Cradle Cat Einstein, a Special Puppy Lincoln, the Miracle Kitten

#5) Froggy, a Fugacious Friend

"I meant only to wash the dirt from him but noticed that his legs were dangling uselessly down as the hose gently cleaned him. I couldn't just leave him, injured as he was..." – Tracey, from Orlando, FL

#4) Lenny, an Anxious Meow

"I interacted with all the cats. I touched each one of them, tried to initiate play, but no cat seemed to really be interested at all. I was terribly disappointed. As I started to leave the room, I heard a loud and anxious meow behind me..." – Michelle Reed, from Columbiaville, MI

#3) Einstein, a Special Puppy

"I'm Einstein and am a happy and very smart puppy. My coat is pure white, and I run through the yard with my ears streaming in the wind. But this wasn't always so..." – Ae Hanigan, from Annapolis, MD

#2) Corky, the Cradle Cat

"Meet Corky the Cradle Cat, from an abandoned deformed kitten to a world-wide inspiration of courage, love and determination." – Gail Ventzke, from Fargo, ND


Spud, the Poster Pup

#1) Spud, the Poster Pup

"After intravenous fluids and weeks of hospitalization, he became well enough to leave the vet, and I took him home to foster. I already knew that Spud was a very special dog, but it wasn't long after taking him home that I realized I couldn't part with him..." – Jamie Hawkins, from Spring Hill, TN


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