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Toy poodle joins the force

When we think of police dogs, large breeds like German shepherds, rottweilers, and doberman pinschers usually come to mind.   We don't often think of toy poodles, chihuahuas, and schnauzers as fit for the rigors of police work.  But in Japan, some newly indoctrinated pups are opening minds both on and off the force.

Small dogs are easy to transport to a given area, are able to access areas their larger counterparts might not be able to fit into, and although not as strong as their larger counterparts, are also less intimidating.  Smaller dogs proved their worth after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, working with search teams in the aftermath of the disaster.

The first small dog to officially join the police force in Japan, according to ABC news, was Kuu, a miniature schnauzer.  Kuu (featured in the video below) is a well-trained member of the police force, able to sniff out drugs and follow commands.  Since Kuu joined up, a toy poodle named Mochi, a chihuahua named Momo, and more little dogs have also become trained "sniffer dogs" for the police team.

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