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U.S. Military increases use of dogs

Military working dogs (MWDs) will be increasing in U.S. forces home and abroad, according to the Digital Journal. The success of the dogs in their variety of roles has been so great that the military has funded a program to increase the number of active dogs over the next two years.

MWDs are used for a number of daily operations in a variety of fields. They sniff out bombs and narcotics, guard bases, track enemy combats, and more. They are also involved in daily operations such as reconnaissance, checkpoints, roadblocks and crowd control, the news source reports. Most recently, MWDs showed their importance when they helped with the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

According to the Military Working Dog Foundation, pet dogs were donated to the Quartermaster Corps during World War II, and saved the lives of a number of soldiers in combat. Now, there is a more formal training program at Lackand Air Force Base in Texas, where dogs are trained and then return after retirement to get rehabilitated as family pets. They are then adopted out to families through the Military Working Dog adoption program. 
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