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Unique Valentine's gift: A cockroach for your beloved

The Bronx Zoo is offering New Yorkers a chance to contribute to animals as well as give a very unique Valentine's Day gift.

For $10, one can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach, currently on display at the Bronx zoo's Madagascar! exhibit, after their special Valentine.

There are thousands of Madagascar hissing cockroaches in the exhibit, and the recipient of the gift will receive an e-card, notifying them of their namesake. They will also receive a picture of the cockroach that bears their name.

In addition, the Bronx zoo is offering a Valentine's Day "Courtship Quiz" with interesting facts on animals and their romantic habits.

For example, the quiz reveals that tigers are usually not monogamous, while crocodiles are quite steady romantic partners. A peacock, not surprisingly, is quite superficial and promiscuous, while a polar bear is usually a loner and mates only once every few years.

The Madagascar hissing cockroach is the largest type of cockroach, averaging 2 to 3 inches, according to National Geographic. A little known fact about cockroaches is that 99 percent of the species do not invade city space and are not considered pests. The Madagascar is one such type of forest-dwelling cockroach. 
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