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VSPCA Saves Parrots From Fortunetellers

The Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA), in Andhra Pradesh, India, works around the clock to rescue and rehabilitate all manner of animals and birds.

One of their programs rescues wild parrots and parakeets from street fortunetellers (such as the one shown here).

Because the birds are often found in poor condition, VSPCA built a large outdoor aviary. Unfortunately this compound was badly hit by the Neelam cyclone last November. 

However, they continued their work, despite another cyclone hit again this month, and plan to expand the aviary to contain fruit trees to encourage the parrots to fly and learn to forage for themselves.

When the birds are deemed well enough to be able to survive on their own, they are released into the wild.

VSPCA’s efforts in the region have greatly reduced the large number of parrots captured for the fortunetelling trade. They are currently working to expand this and other programs to discourage the capture of local wildlife and to restore wild creatures to their proper habitat. supports VSPCA and other international wildlife rescue efforts through contributions from The Animal Rescue Site and The Rainforest Site.

Photos courtesy of VSPCA

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