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Vacuum cleaner saves newborn puppy

Sometimes animal rescue stories include a strange, bizarre twist. Such is the case for Rabuka, a three-day-old Bichon Frise puppy who unfortunately fell down a drain.

The Dominican Post reports that the newborn was accidentally dropped down the 10-centimeter-wide pipe by his mother. That's when Margaret Pritchard, who breeds the dogs, decided she was determined to save her life.

The New Zealander called in officer Lyall Kennedy, who turned to the household cleaning device after two other attempts failed to pull the dog to safety.

"Plan A was using an old window-wiper with a noose on the end to snare it," Kennedy told the news outlet. "Plan B involved two sticks and some duct tape. So it was a careful approach with a vacuum cleaner."

Pritchard told the news source she wasn't going to give up on Rabuka without a fight. The stepfather of her three sons just passed away from cancer, and soon thereafter, three of the puppies in the little had died.

"I'm sick of bad news," she told the news provider.

According to, the Brichon Frise is a breed that is lively, affectionate and has an independent spirit. They also love human companionship.
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