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Will knowing CPR enable you to help animals?

Most people learn CPR so that they can save the life of a friend or loved one if the need arises. However, the skill could also enable you to help animals!

Many cat or dog owners would do anything within their power to keep their pet healthy. Including - wait for it - performing CPR on their furry friend if the need arose, according to a poll conducted by the Associated Press.

The survey revealed that 63 percent of dog owners claimed that they'd be willing to lock lips with their pooch to save the mongrel's life, and 53 percent of cat owners would perform the emergency procedure.
Out of all pet owners, 65 percent of women were willing to perform CPR on their pet, but only 50 percent of men said that they were prepared to resuscitate their pet if need be.

Matt Armstrong of Toronto is one dog lover who was willing to get down and dirty to save a dog - and it wasn't even his own!

The Globe and Mail reports that when Sheena, a boxer who belonged to Armstrong's neighbor, collapsed in front of him, he began administering CPR when he could not located a pulse.

Happily, Sheena is now fine (and we're sure that after a few swigs of mouth wash Armstrong was alright as well).
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