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Wolf Pups And Puppies Learn Differently

The wolf is a beautiful creature, the closest modern relative to our pet dogs, and yet different at a visceral level. The dog has come into our homes and hearts, but the wolf remains a wonderfully wild animal.

Recent research has exposed astonishing differences in the way dog puppies and wolf pups learn and explore in their early environment – differences that could help to explain why dogs became domestic pets and wolves did not. There is an impressionable stage when very young that sensitizes animals to new experiences, and it happens during different periods for dogs and wolves.

Wolf pups begin walking while still blind and deaf, safe in the den, relying primarily on smell to navigate and experiencing surprise and even fear as their senses of sight and hearing begin to develop.

Puppies, on the other hand, are "just basically little puddles" according to Science Daily, unable to get up or walk around until after all three senses are developed. These significant developmental differences may change their abilities to form cross-species relationships.




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