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Woman writes book about experience with paralyzed dog

Judy Wolff is a personal trainer who spends her days helping people getting in shape. But when her beloved dog Tucker suffered from paralysis, helping him walk again became her priority. She recently wrote a book about her experience caring for her dog.

The Beacon sat down with Wolff to discuss why she wrote the book and Tucker's recovery.

Wolff had told the story about his "spinal stroke" and eventual recovery, and realized that Tucker's tale could be used to help animals that may suffer from the same condition.

She adjusted her schedule so that she would be able to be there with Tucker along his journey to rehabilitation. She helped with his stretches six times a day, and was present at every physical therapy and acupuncture appointment.

"Two weeks after his stroke, Tucker's leg twitched while I was stretching it, and when I tugged at the leg, it retracted. It was a reflex, but significant, palpable movement. At that moment I knew he would regain at least some mobility," she told the news source.

Tucker regained his mobility, and Wolff believes this experience brought her and her pet closer.

According to, strokes in dogs are rare, but can occur if a canine has a history of heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease.
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