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Woman's dog birthday party turns into animal rescue benefit

Most of us love our dogs like children, so when they turn a year older, it's a reason to celebrate. However, one woman in Clarksville, Tennessee, decided to use the occasion to raise money for a local animal rescue shelter, according to The Leaf Chronicle.

It all started when Leslie Heimback, who is mom to canines Zoie and Allie, started planning her pooch's third annual birthday bash.

"It's the big event of the neighborhood," Heimback told the news outlet. "And all of the dogs get along so well."

For the past two years, Heimback's shindigs were decorated with pink and purple castles, with crown-shaped place cards for each dog in attendance. And since these parties were fit for a princess, the woman's neighbors started bestowing lavish gifts upon her babies.

"I started feeling guilty," Heimback told the news source. "I thought, 'You know what? It would be nice if we gave to someone else.'"

This year, Heimback asked guests to give donations to the Companion Pet Rescue and Transport. Her efforts raised hundreds of dollars for the animal rescue shelter.

According to the Humane Society, six to eight million dogs and cats enter shelters every year.

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