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Women have "more intense relationships" with cats

A new study from the University of Vienna shows that cats have control over their human-cat relationships, much in the same way as human children have a say in how parents take care of them, according to Discovery News.

"Both cat and human infant are, at least in part, in control of when and what they are fed," Jon Day, a co-author in the study, told the news source.

The study, published in Behavioural Processes, looked at owner personalities and videotaped humans interacting with their cats over extended periods of time. The research concluded that cats' influence goes beyond food to physical affection as well.

Women pet owners seem to be more in tune with their feline companion's desire compared to men who own cats. A simple act, such as cat pointing his or her tail up, will signal to "extroverted women" owners that the cat wants to play.

"[T]he cats approach female owners more frequently, and initiate contact more frequently ...[and] female owners have more intense relationships with their cats than do male owners," said Manuela Wedl, of the University of Vienna.

According to the Humane Society, there are about 93.6 million household cats in the U.S., with an average of two cats per owner. 
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