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Workers Rescue Kitten In Melbourne Tunnel

Anyone who has ever had a kitten knows that they are constantly getting into trouble.  They climb into places they can't get down from, they get down into places they can't leap out of, and absolutely everything is a toy.  

But in the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne, passers-by and traffic cameras caught sight of a tiny kitten in serious trouble: the little orange tabby somehow found himself halfway down the 2.1 mile car tunnel.  Whether he somehow walked the full mile on his own or was dumped there by an irresponsible and uncaring passerby remains a mystery.  The kitten escaped hundreds of high-speed passing cars before an incident response team stopped traffic and went in after him.

There is no doubt that the kitten was terrified, and led his would-be rescuers a bit of a chase before they were able to corral him and bring him to safety.  "They gave it a bit of a cuddle and took it to the control, where the guys on call gave it some old roast beef from the staff fridge..." reports CityLink spokeswoman Selby-Lynn Nicholas.

The workers named the kitten Dodge.  Now at The Lost Dogs Home animal shelter's North Melbourne location, Dodge is looking for a home of his own.  

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