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Workers help animals trapped in hoarding situation

Animal rescue workers were called to a Michigan home recently, where they discovered a hoarding situation that involved a number of Siamese cats, WWMT reports.

Although hoarding is currently being brought to the attention of the public, many pets are continuing to suffer the consequences. The recent discovery in Michigan was a perfect of example of what happens when a hoarder with a number of animals can involuntariliy hurt their furry friends.

Animal rescue worker Michelle McNatt spoke to the news source about finding over 25 felines in the garage of a home, with an upward of 50 being the house altogether. She also said that this was the fifth or sixth type of incident she has seen within the last year.

She explained that most hoarding situations involved animal lovers who would take in many animals because they wanted to provide them a home. What happens in many cases is that the pets start to reproduce and the owner is unable to care for them.

McNatt is working to educate the public about hoarding and the importance of spaying and neutering animals.

The Siamese cats have all been given a clean bill of health and are looking for loving homes.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19876783-ADNFCR
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