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Yao Ming aiding in several global causes

When Yao Ming, a Chinese international figure and NBA All-Star, was asked about having shark fin soup served at his wedding in 2007, he soundly rejected the notion.

The National Geographic reported that approximately 38 million sharks are killed each year for fins.

As the Goodwill Ambassador for wildlife protection, Yao Ming is leading a global effort to oppose the over-hunting of sharks, the Xinhua News Agency reports.

"Sharks are friends of human beings. They are not our food," Yao told the news source.

Together with his wife, Ye Li, Yao Ming has spread his anti-shark hunting campaign since 2006, when he was appointed ambassador.

Yao went on to tell the news source, "When I was a little boy, my parents and teachers told me to help others and to be a good man. But I could not donate then because I had not much pocket money."

After recently retiring from an injury-plagued, yet successful NBA career, Yao will continue to put his efforts toward this and other international causes, such as supporting leukemia patients and migrant worker's children, the news source reports.  
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