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Young girl helps take care of rescue horses

Horses are beautiful creatures that tend to suffer greatly when there is an economic downturn and owners are unable to care for them. However, one little girl has stepped in to raise funds for a rescue horse and his stablemates.

Marketa Grant is a fifth grade student who has taken up the cause of raising funds and awareness for the Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue, the home of Teddy Bear, her recently adopted 20-year-old horse, and according to the East Hampton Patch, the pair is a match made in heaven.

It took up until this past spring for Teddy Bear to be healthy and comfortable enough for Grant to ride him, but there was an instant connection between the two when they first met. She said that there were a few things that made her fall in love with the big guy.

"His eyes, and how gentle he is - not all horses are gentle," she told the news source.

Along with her family, Grant began holding fundraisers, called Pennies for Ponies, where she places jars around her school for people to donate money.

According to the Humane Society, tens of thousands of horses are sold at auction every year and slaughtered. The organization is currently pressing the government to enact a ban on this practice.
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