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Your Dog: An Excellent Exercise Companion

He'll never call and cancel at the last minute.  He'll never fail to show up for an early-morning jog.  He is the most loyal and loving exercise companion you can have.  It's not your spouse or your friend - it's your dog!

Large or small, your dog can help encourage you to exercise.  Everyone knows that dogs need a solid walk, and that walk is good for the owner, too.  Now, the range of activities you can do with your favorite canine has expanded from the simple walk to a variety of exciting new structured exercise programs.

Select gyms and clubs are allowing and even encouraging the company of dogs to keep customers motivated and to be exercise buddies.  These locations provide carefully planned activities incorporate the presence and energy of the dogs in activities that range from the ordinary - stretching and jogging - to tai chi, dancing, and more!

Can't make the gym?  There are also some wonderful tips online for how to exercise with your delightful doggie companion.  With a little research, you can learn about the "squat tease" and the "dogstacle course," or about how to structure more standard activities like walks and agility training. 

Whatever the method you choose, you and your dog will sleep well at night knowing that there are more fun and healthy activities waiting for you in the morning.

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