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Latest Amazing Animals in Action! Articles

Baby Panda Pounces

Oct 1, 2013: Alrighty folks, it's time to make your day with the ultimate dose of cuteness. Presenting...PANDA! Panda is the sweetest little kitten, ever. We're convinced she can lift your mood, instantly!

Water Dish Adventures

Oct 1, 2013: Isn't it great how every thing is a wonderful adventure for little kitties?It's a rather boring day for little Annabelle, the kitty. She has to resort to pawing at the water in her water dish for entertainment. Sadly, this means that Bailey, the Golden Retriever has no chance to quench his thirst!

Doggy Welcomes His Soldier Dad!

Sep 26, 2013: Awwww... military homecomings are the best, aren't they? There's nothing more fulfilling than watching our brave soldiers being greeted by their family and loved ones after a long period of deployment. One such soldier, PFC Carsen L. Clark from Wisconsin had only one request when he returned from Afghanistan "Just bring my dog!" WATCH NOW!

Scar Saves Soldier's Life

Sep 25, 2013: How did Scar, an Iraqi stray wind up in Indio, California? Well, that's a tale for the books! It all started with newly weds Anna and Peter Pero. Shortly after their wedding, Peter was deployed to Iraq, where he met Scar, the pooch that saved his life. Watch their story now!

There's A Mouse In The House!

Sep 24, 2013: What's cuter than a fluffy kitten playing with a toy mouse? TWO fluffy kittens, with big baby blues playing with a toy mouse. Get ready for some serious "awwwwwwwwwwww" time!

How To Bully A Bulldog

Sep 24, 2013: Wow...this kitty is just not having any of the love that the pup want to supply! Watch as this feisty kitten swats away the bulldog's advances. LOL!

The Climbing Leg

Sep 22, 2013: What is it about denim that little kittens can't resist? Peter, Panda and a few more of their kitten buddies decide to have a fun filled afternoon on the infamous, "climbing leg!"

Those Look Better On Me!

Sep 22, 2013: Check out this fashion forward kitten! This little guy doesn't think his owner's glasses look too good he decides to take matters on to his own claws.

Lesson #3: How to steal the dog's food

Sep 20, 2013: Step 1: Fake sleep next to the food... Step 2: STEAL THE FOOD! You have to see this cute kitty steal from right under the dog's nose...literally!

Fussy Lil Cutie Pie

Sep 17, 2013: What is it about fluffy puppies that make them so irresistable? We just can't get enough of this cutie, who woke up in a grumpy mood. Watch and "awwww" as this precious pooch stumbles about!

Emma The Rescue Pup

Sep 17, 2013: Do you remember the first time you held your pet baby in your arms? Emma was discovered, abandoned and tied up with wire in a yard. After a few surgeries, loving care by vets and a long recovery, Emma was adopted by her rescue dad. Click to watch this happy tale.

Oreo Wants A New Mommy!

Sep 13, 2013: Oreo the kitten is an adorable chap. As he soon takes is first few steps, Oreo embarks on an adventure, a quest to adopt a mommy. As fate would have it, he's been interviewing quite a few pups for the job!

Cute Puppy Chases Tail

Sep 13, 2013: Oh would you look at that! This little puppy really is quite spunky! Watch him tease his much bigger pal by chasing his tail. We think it's especially cute when the bigger doggie sits on his tail to avoid being annoyed!

It's A Dog's Tail

Sep 9, 2013: Isn't there a saying about not messing with dogs while they eat? Clearly, this kitty did not get the memo! Watch and see what happens!

Racoon Plays Sprinkler Harp

Sep 9, 2013: Well well well, look who's quite the accomplished harpist! Move over, Carlos Salzedo! This racoon may just be the next musical prodigy!
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