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Latest Cats Articles

Baby Panda Pounces

Oct 1, 2013: Alrighty folks, it's time to make your day with the ultimate dose of cuteness. Presenting...PANDA! Panda is the sweetest little kitten, ever. We're convinced she can lift your mood, instantly!

Water Dish Adventures

Oct 1, 2013: Isn't it great how every thing is a wonderful adventure for little kitties?It's a rather boring day for little Annabelle, the kitty. She has to resort to pawing at the water in her water dish for entertainment. Sadly, this means that Bailey, the Golden Retriever has no chance to quench his thirst!

There's A Mouse In The House!

Sep 24, 2013: What's cuter than a fluffy kitten playing with a toy mouse? TWO fluffy kittens, with big baby blues playing with a toy mouse. Get ready for some serious "awwwwwwwwwwww" time!

How To Bully A Bulldog

Sep 24, 2013: Wow...this kitty is just not having any of the love that the pup want to supply! Watch as this feisty kitten swats away the bulldog's advances. LOL!

The Climbing Leg

Sep 22, 2013: What is it about denim that little kittens can't resist? Peter, Panda and a few more of their kitten buddies decide to have a fun filled afternoon on the infamous, "climbing leg!"

Those Look Better On Me!

Sep 22, 2013: Check out this fashion forward kitten! This little guy doesn't think his owner's glasses look too good he decides to take matters on to his own claws.

Oreo Wants A New Mommy!

Sep 13, 2013: Oreo the kitten is an adorable chap. As he soon takes is first few steps, Oreo embarks on an adventure, a quest to adopt a mommy. As fate would have it, he's been interviewing quite a few pups for the job!

It's A Dog's Tail

Sep 9, 2013: Isn't there a saying about not messing with dogs while they eat? Clearly, this kitty did not get the memo! Watch and see what happens!

Brave Chihuahua Protects Kittens!

Sep 5, 2013: If caring is sharing, this feisty little Chihuahua has no intention of caring about the new pooch in town...these kittens are NOT for sharing! LOL!

Sneaky Cat - Mewster of Disguise!

Sep 5, 2013: Now you see her... now you don't! How does this kitty sneak about so fast? Ninja skills or Mewster of Disguise?

Adopt a Cat Today at Your Local Shelter!

Aug 18, 2013: Are you a rescue parent? Share this beautiful video encouraging pet adoption and encourage your friends to become rescue moms and dads too! There is no greater joy than welcoming a pet into your life, so go on, spread the joy!

Kittens Love Shoelaces!

Aug 13, 2013: What's this! This magical thing combines two of our favorite toys - It's long, and stringy...and attached to a pair of shoes?! Watch as these kittens have the time of their life gamboling about with shoelaces!

Cats Say "Pet Me... Meow!"

Jul 30, 2013: It's a well know fact that while dogs have owners, cats have staff...but this video removes any doubt one may have! Watch as these hilarious kitties demand some attention!

Rocky the Kitten Falls Asleep While Playing

Jul 29, 2013: Rocky the kitten is a cutie-pie! He wants to play, but is oh so tired... Watch and "awwww" as this little kitty makes you smile.

Kitty Pooch Cuddle Puddle

Jul 22, 2013: Everyone's favorite cat loving pooch, Murkin is back, with lots more cuteness! Brighten up your day and take a second to watch this adorable puppy and his little kitten loll about! We're not sure who is having more fun, the kittens, or Murkin...
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