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Latest Pet Videos Articles

Kittens Love Shoelaces!

Aug 13, 2013: What's this! This magical thing combines two of our favorite toys - It's long, and stringy...and attached to a pair of shoes?! Watch as these kittens have the time of their life gamboling about with shoelaces!

Rocky the Kitten Falls Asleep While Playing

Jul 29, 2013: Rocky the kitten is a cutie-pie! He wants to play, but is oh so tired... Watch and "awwww" as this little kitty makes you smile.

Two Beagles Welcome Their Daddy Home!

Jun 13, 2013: Wagging tails and a million puppy kisses! It's clear that these two missed their military dad!

A Grand Welcome!

Jun 12, 2013: These guys are so excited to see their daddy again! Careful, soldier, you may get knocked over in all the excitement!

Cuteness - A Cat & Dog

Jun 6, 2013: Watch as Ellen shares with us this adorable video of two petmates - a kitty and a dog! Awww, purrrecious!

Thor - The Super Pup!

Jun 3, 2013: Doggy therapy is the best, as Jacob, a high schooler living with Asperger's syndrom found out! Thor is Jacob's service dog, and best mate. Thor helps keep Jacob calm and focused when life gets overwhelming!

A Sea Lion Worries

May 20, 2013: Watch as a game of tag between a little girl and a sea lion showcase how caring this marine mammal truly is! No spoilers, but watch closely at the end!

When Ice Attacks The Puppy Pounces!

May 20, 2013: Yes. You read that right. Ice cubes have become rather rebellious these days. But, no matter, Mr. Puppy is on a mission to teach them a lesson!

The Turtle & The Scare

May 20, 2013: Who ever said that turtles are slow may want to take it back. Watch as this sneaky little guy gets the better of two cats!

Duke Saves Dying Baby!

May 17, 2013: Duke, a rescue dog and the Brousseau family pet becomes a hero, when he alerts his family that their new born baby was dying! Thanks to Duke, their 9-week-old daughter Harper is now alive and well!

Bernie and Rex - A Tail of Friendship!

May 15, 2013: Almost a year ago, on May 23rd, 2012 there was a devastating fire in Bethel Island, CA. Bernie the cat was a 4 week old victim who was badly burned. Watch this footage from 4 weeks after, when Bernie plays with his new pal, Rex!

Kittens Play Hand Slap

May 13, 2013: Oh, it's on! These kittens know it's not just fun and games. The winner of this round of Hand Slap gets exclusive rights to sleep on top of any magazine left lying around. Ready, set, SMACK!

Pooch Shakes It!

May 13, 2013: Are you a fan of Eminem's "Shake That?" This little doggy sure is, and boy, does he have his dancing shoes on! Watch his bust a move and join in the fun too!

Dog Wants a Kitty

May 6, 2013: This pooch wants a playmate...and apparently only a kitty will do! Watch this hilarious video, featuring everyone's favorite talking dog, Clyde!

A Tale Of A Tail

May 6, 2013: Why do dogs insist on wagging their tails in front of you? This magpie will have none of it! Watch as this agitated bird tries to put an end to this nonsense!
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