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Latest Cats Articles

Felines Fighting Crime With Fur

Sep 9, 2013: We can thank a furry feline friend when a recent case was counting on the analysis of cat hairs in the prosecution of a criminal in a murder case in the U.K.

The Root Of The Cat Craze

Sep 5, 2013: We all have witnessed the cat craze that has consume the internet, but have you ever really thought about the root of it all? Surprisingly, the popularity of cats online can be found rooted from the role cats have had in Japan for centuries and has made their way around the world.

Why Aren't Your Cat's Getting Along?

Sep 4, 2013: For a lonely kitty at home, the best remedy is a companion, right? But instead of getting along like siblings or civil playmates, your frisky felines are at each others throats. What's the deal?!

Am I Dealing With A Feral or Stray Cat?

Aug 28, 2013: The increase of cats in your neighborhood could be due to the fact that cats mate in the winter leading to kitten season in the spring. But before you take all these new and possibly lost kitties to the animal shelter, keep in mind that not all of them are homeless and some may be feral. What's the difference, you may ask; both are outdoor cats but instead of being lost, feral cats are domestic cats that have not been socialized amongst humans.

Could Your Pet Be The Next Top Model?

Aug 27, 2013: We all know rescue pets are Super Models; now's the time to prove it! Starting on Monday, August 26 and through September 26, your adopters can enter their adopted pet in the 2013 Fuzzy Nation Super Model contest. The winner of the contest will have their pet recreated in plush by Fuzzy Nation, and the shelter where their pet was adopted will receive a $10,000 cash grant from!

50% Of Cats Do Not Receive Health Exams: Why It's A Must

Aug 22, 2013: Your pretty kitty may look healthy, and taking them to the doc is far from your mind. But little do you know your cat could be one of more than half of the 74 million cats in the U.S. that don't receive proper healthcare.

Kitty Cam: A Peek Into Your Cat's Life

Aug 14, 2013: Imagine coming home from a long day of work and being able to see exactly what your feline friend has been up to, from a cats-eye view. The Kitty Cam and EyeNimal cat camera's are small camera's that connect to your cat's collar to give you a day in their life from their point of view.

Feline Self-Portraits Taken To Another Level

Aug 12, 2013: Yes! There are apps that have been created specifically to allow cats to take pictures of themselves!  Of course, cats don't really get what a smart phone camera is, but these apps show attractive moving dots or lasers for kitty to play with.  And just when she thinks she's going to finally catch it - poof!  The camera activates, and you've got a cat work of art. 

The End Of Cat Allergies?

Aug 5, 2013: For those suffering from feline allergies, a bright new hope on the horizon could relieve both their symptoms and their cat-adoring friends. Imagine suffering from an extreme allergy - the sneezing, itchy eyes, and trouble breathing - being a thing of the past. That future is closer than ever.

Neko Cafe? Kawaii!

Jul 26, 2013: You're far, far from home, in a strange city, perhaps living out of a hotel which, while not bad per se, is just not home. You miss the little things. The cup of coffee from a place that makes it just right, the comfort of your furniture and your family - not to mention your cat. What's a cat-deprived traveler to do?

Officials Discover Baby Florida Panther

Jul 11, 2013: This cute kitten is the latest edition in an incredible conservation success story. Only careful management has brought the Florida Panther population back from the brink of extinction, at least partially through rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned animals. When such a release occurs, it is cause for a celebration!

The Acro-Cats Show What Training Can Do

Jul 10, 2013: These guys are professionals. The amazing Acro-Cats are absolute proof that positive clicker-based training can work wonders - even with cats. These fabulous felines could just have easily been ordinary housecats, but Samantha Martin had bigger dreams.

Built To Be Nimble

Jul 8, 2013: It has amazing powers of exploration. It can navigate uneven terrain with relative ease. It is graceful, quick, and quite strong for its size. Sound like a description of your cat? "Cheetah-cub" is actually a prototype robot!

Black Cats Have It Tough

Jun 12, 2013: The myth that black cats are a source of bad luck is more than just an age-old ad ism; it's a very real factor that makes in harder for ebony-haired kitties to find loving adoptive families.

Cat Dreams - Can We Interpret Them?

Jun 12, 2013: Anyone who has had a cat around for any length of time knows that cats do dream. Their whiskers and paws twitch away - some even sleepwalk. Part of the fun of having a sleepy cat is wondering what on earth they are dreaming about.
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