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Stray Guardian

We searched the local shelters on the web and found the perfect dog for us.We drove to see her, and when we got there she didn't show any interest in us at all.

This little guy named Hobo with the big ears caught our attention. We got to spend some time with him and we knew he was the right one for us…

Read About How His Life Was Saved! »

Pomeranians & Water Don't Mix!

Who knew Pomeranians were so sensitive to water? They even melt in the tub! »

Rosie Outlook

She looked so sad, and scared... I knew she was destined to come home.

In July 2015 she started acting weird with me; rubbing against my chest and acting distraught. I knew she was telling me something. I told the doctor about my Rosie, they did an ultrasound, and found breast cancer.…

Read About How Her Life Was Saved! »

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From Imminent Euthanasia to Forever Families

FreeKibble Flights to Freedom is a program to get shelter dogs and cats out of overcrowded shelters in the U.S. and into shelters in other areas, where they have a high chance of being quickly adopted into a loving family. These wonderful pets are some of the most vulnerable in the nation, and although the shelters they are in have the best of intentions, their resources are limited and the euthanasia rate is high. By putting them on a plane and flying them to shelters where forever families are waiting for a chance to rescue a future family member, we're saving their lives. It's an expensive project, but worth every penny.

The next flight is in September. Won't you help fly a pet to freedom?

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