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gray tiger cat laying on wood floor

Fluffy Chatter Box

I rescued Chatter in late May 2017. He came at night to eat ravenously. He was totally friendly, not neutered, and he meowed up a storm (obviously, the reason for his name). He wanted a home of his own SO badly. Between the night I got him in my large dog crate in my garage and the next morning, he escaped from the crate twice.

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jack russel dog barking

Ban Debarking!

Sign now and be a voice for the voiceless and demand a ban on the inhumane debarking procedure! Severing a dog's vocal chords, known as debarking, is a cruel and dangerous procedure. It is performed to lower the volume or eliminate the dog from barking. Nuisance barking can be controlled with proper training and an exercise regime.

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scout cat

My Cat Is A Prolific Typist

I am a retired film editor, and being retired means I have to fill my time. I do so with a lot of hobbies. Among my many hobbies, I am a writer. But I have cat, a beautiful Tortie named Scout who has little patience for my sitting at the computer.

She wants all of my attention...»

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Mama Macy Needs Life-Saving Surgery

Macy came into Humane Society of Tampa Bay's care when she was transferred from a low resource/high risk agency in Louisiana. The group shared that Macy may have a broken leg. Once Macy was in Tampa Bay's care, however, they realized her health was in worse shape. Poor Macy has a bullet in her right hip, and a shattered left hip from an old injury. Even more troubling, this sweet pup was pregnant, and because of all her health issues, required a C‐section. Sadly, she also has otitis externa (inflammation) in both ears. Macy will need a rear leg amputation due to her shattered pelvis.

You can help. Just $25 goes far toward Macy’s surgery and recovery costs.

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Catherines Rescue Barn
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