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tiger stripe cat laying with eyes shut

He Walked Into The Right Apartment

Our daughter was away at college. One August afternoon she had her apartment door open, sitting on the floor watching tv. In walked this cute little kitten. She asks around the complex if he belonged to anyone and no one claimed him. She kept him, naming him Frankie.

Fast forward over 14 years later...»

Border Collies Are Restoring Chilean Forest After Fire Destroys Them

border collie running through the woods with a backpack on

This creative idea could help other areas devastated by wildfires.»

gray cat with striking green eyes

Stop Killing Feral Cats!

Sign now to tell Australia to adopt TNR to reduce the number of feral cats. The best way to preserve native small mammal species and feral cats can be a humane solution where both co-exist. Killing one species to preserve another is not ethical. Australia has declared "war" on feral cats.

Save Cats By Signing Here! »

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For years you've been asking for ways to double your impact. Now, there is one. By becoming a Friend of The Animal Rescue Site, you:

  • Double the impact of your clicks,
  • Earn exclusive offers & free gifts,
  • Receive special stories about the pets you help, and
  • Provide extra meals & health care for shelter pets in need!

This new program will give even more shelter pets a chance to stay healthy and happy, and eventually find their furrever homes. It's a fantastic way to give rescue pets the lives they deserve, and to learn about how you are helping them.

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Care For A Baby Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees and gorillas in protected forests in Africa are shot down and butchered in the bushmeat trade, and the babies, who are too small to eat, are sold on the black market to be pets. In other areas, baby primates are stolen from the forest to be trafficked to China or the Middle East where they are sold as pets or put on exhibit in appallingly inhumane zoos. These highly intelligent and social animals face a miserable existence locked in cages or living in isolation.

Through collaboration between wildlife centers, other nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, some smugglers are arrested and animals are saved. Thousands of chimpanzees and other primates who have been rescued as babies from the horrific wildlife trade now live at Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) member wildlife centers across Africa. With support these organizations can impact more and more survivors of the illegal wildlife trade.

You can help! Just $10 feeds a baby chimpanzee for one week!

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Help Shelter Cats Feel Safe
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