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Barely Made It

I looked out front and saw a skeleton of a dog, you could practically see his organs. He was missing many patches of fur due to ringworm and was very anemic.

After feeding him liver, sardines and rice in small portions 5 times a day, George has come to life, and more than doubled his weight!

From Near Death To Happily Alive! »

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Does your dog stare at you as you go about mundane tasks? Well, find out what they are trying to say! »

Stop Declawing!

The barbaric practice is banned in Europe, Australia, Japan, and 21 other countries, yet in the U.S. it is considered normal.

The process of declawing involves amputating the final knuckle joint in a cat's paws. It is NOT a simple nail clipping. The procedure not only mutilates the cat's paws, but can also lead to many complications.

Help Stop Declawing! »

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8 million pets enter shelters each year. These programs are specially crafted to bring this number down to zero.

One Picture Saves a Life
Making sure first impressions become lasting impressions.

Rescue Rebuild
Help to repair shelters in need.

A Shot at Life
Keeping shelter animals healthy, so they can find a forever home.


Stop This Barbaric Festival!

In Yulin, China, the summer solstice marks their annual dog-eating festival. This cruel and inhumane festival kills an estimated 10,000 dogs per year. Recently, Humane Society International (HSI) sent staff to the city of Yulin in an effort to draw attention to the cruelty and to stand alongside Chinese activists and ordinary animal-loving citizens who care deeply about ending this horrific trade. Despite efforts from activists and Humane Society International alike, the number of dogs killed in the 2015 Yulin dog meat festival remained the same. Sadly, nearly half of the dogs were stolen pets—many of which were still wearing their collars.
You can help end this horrifying event, and save thousands of lives in the process!

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Care For Our Nations Retired Military and Police Dogs
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