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Goal: 45,000 Progress: 21,360
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Rescue dogs make a great pet any time of year, but during each October shelters and animal lovers observe Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, a month-long endeavor to celebrate shelter dogs and promote adoption. What better time than now to march down to your local shelter and take home a canine in need? A new dog can greatly improve your life by:

  • helping you get outside and exercise
  • providing companionship for you and your family
  • providing protection from intruders
  • improving your mood
  • assisting people with disabilities

But if you can’t take in an animal, don’t worry — there are ways you can still help! Consider fostering animals looking for homes, volunteering at your local shelter, or making a donation to a shelter or animal care organization.

In whatever way you can, pledge to do your part to help shelter dogs all year long.

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Petition Signatures

May 1, 2016 Corinne Gaulon
Apr 30, 2016 yawen huang
Apr 29, 2016 Dolly Schultz
Apr 29, 2016 Michael Ernemann
Apr 29, 2016 Wendy Vanaeken
Apr 29, 2016 Michel Ernemann
Apr 28, 2016 Valeria Santos
Apr 28, 2016 Anne-Marie Sancho
Apr 27, 2016 William Weaver
Apr 26, 2016 Charlene Novak My family has been adopting dogs & cats for decades, & they have all been wonderful additions to our family. Please adopt - there are so many great animals that need homes!
Apr 25, 2016 Sharon Kennedy
Apr 24, 2016 Алексей Жезлов
Apr 24, 2016 Isolde Godman
Apr 23, 2016 Marcella Lima
Apr 22, 2016 Mary King
Apr 22, 2016 Jodie Crisci
Apr 20, 2016 Teresa Wright
Apr 19, 2016 Debby DeSandre i have worked at a no kill cat shelter and fostered a lot of kittens. People walk away from the adult cats, so sad. I been at other shelters that they still euthanize dogs and cats. I will not work anywhere they euthanize animals. Animals need our help!
Apr 19, 2016 Monika Huber
Apr 18, 2016 Patricia Ramos-rizzo
Apr 18, 2016 Gabriela Torres
Apr 18, 2016 Claire mccullagh
Apr 18, 2016 Magdalena Czeblakow
Apr 18, 2016 April Hardi
Apr 18, 2016 Gulnara Syulgina
Apr 17, 2016 Irene Sibley Would love to adopt dog in adopt a shelter dog in Oct. we have rescued two dogs. Our first: Blackie, had to be sent to the rainbow bridge now we have a 3 year old mixed cutie. He is little so would prefer smaller dog
Apr 16, 2016 Melissa Plessinger
Apr 16, 2016 Bob Brucker
Apr 16, 2016 Richelle Specht I have a wonderful pound pup of my own and he is my best friend. Please adopt a new best friend if you can.
Apr 16, 2016 daniela barbagallo
Apr 15, 2016 grace alabdalrazzag
Apr 15, 2016 Carla Torti
Apr 13, 2016 Margherita Pinto
Apr 13, 2016 María Rodríguez
Apr 12, 2016 Lygea San Pedro
Apr 12, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2016 Kim Brower
Apr 11, 2016 Winnie Soukup
Apr 11, 2016 inger knudson
Apr 9, 2016 Kristin Cucolo
Apr 7, 2016 ernesto meloni
Apr 6, 2016 Jay Frye
Apr 5, 2016 Jas Cerfontaine
Apr 2, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Apr 1, 2016 Maureen Beighton
Apr 1, 2016 Garry Lough I did about a month ago
Mar 31, 2016 Quintina Vineyard All animals deserve to run and play and be loved. When an animal sits in a cage they get depressed and feel that no one loves them. Please adopt a shelter pet today and provide the love and security that so well deserve.

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