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Goal: 200,000 Progress: 158,301
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Convicted child abusers are automatically entered into a national public registry to inform people of their whereabouts and to ensure children's safety. This helps to keep parents informed about potential danger in their neighborhoods.

Animal abusers should be held to no lower standards, and should be required to enter an animal abuse registry in order to protect the lives of animals living in close vicinity. Sign the petition telling the head of the USDA, Thomas Vilsack, to enact a national animal abuser registry.

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Dear Thomas Vilsack,

I am writing to request that you, as head of the USDA, push for a national animal abuse registry. Much like the child abuser registry, this would require animal abusers to enroll in an animal abuse index that would be publicly available.

A registry of this nature is necessary given the close correlation between animal abuse and child abuse. Many repeat animal abusers often demonstrate violence toward humans as well; more often than not, the two aren't mutually exclusive. This is why we need your help to ensure our communities are kept safe and informed.

Please take the necessary steps to ensure a registry to identify animal abusers is put into effect. Animals and humans alike deserve your best efforts to keep them safe.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Dec 9, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 9, 2016 Cheryl Olsen
Dec 8, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 8, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 8, 2016 Michele Douglas
Dec 8, 2016 Laurie Derderian
Dec 8, 2016 Terri Barker
Dec 8, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 8, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 8, 2016 Jackie Noles
Dec 8, 2016 Susan Cook
Dec 8, 2016 Dawn Giroux
Dec 8, 2016 Christopher Ryan
Dec 7, 2016 Joyce Burr Please!
Dec 7, 2016 Kirsten Wallace People who abuse animals often go on to abuse people. Animals abusers must be stopped now!
Dec 7, 2016 Kris Nichols Please, Please put together this registry. Animal abuse has gotten out of control and it is so heartbreaking! They have no voice. We need to be THEIR voice!
Dec 7, 2016 Kathy Wright
Dec 7, 2016 Luisa Caverly
Dec 6, 2016 christina weins
Dec 6, 2016 Carrie Green
Dec 6, 2016 Roxie Belle
Dec 6, 2016 Nicola Cerato
Dec 6, 2016 Nancy Warner
Dec 6, 2016 Nanci Reid Abusers need to be stopped before they can hurt another innocent animal or perhaps next time, an innocent person! Animals are defenseless creatures with no means of speaking for themselves! Please put this into effect.
Dec 6, 2016 Kimberly Beebe
Dec 6, 2016 Youching Yeh
Dec 6, 2016 Sara McMechan This is a must! People who have shown to abuse animals eventually move to abuse of humans - please stop them before they abuse again!
Dec 5, 2016 (Name not displayed) please help animals that have no voice. they deserve so much better than they get. please please please stop their suffering. anyone who can abuse such helpless animals is heartless and cannot be given the right to do it again. Please put this into action
Dec 5, 2016 ken ranger stop this madness cruel evil
Dec 5, 2016 bev gannon please sir I ask of you to take necessary steps to helppoor innocent animals. Its heartbreaking
Dec 5, 2016 Peter Mendham
Dec 5, 2016 Roman Marek
Dec 5, 2016 Agnieszka Marek
Dec 5, 2016 Szymon Marek
Dec 5, 2016 Jan Marek
Dec 5, 2016 Renee Lacy
Dec 5, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 5, 2016 Kathleen McDonald
Dec 5, 2016 (Name not displayed) I agree fully with Carolyn Beachley's comment!!!!!!!
Dec 4, 2016 Carolyn Beachley This is a law that must be put in place to protect those that can not speak for themselves. WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE & PROTECTOR! ABUSE IN ANY FORM IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ANY SOCIETY!
Dec 4, 2016 MARGARET Leighton
Dec 4, 2016 Serena Warner Animals are always there for us always so we should be there for them always.
Dec 4, 2016 Bob Rada Any group that can't speak for itself needs us to take care of them and keep them out of harm's way!
Dec 4, 2016 Julie Vanparys-Rotondi It needs to be compulsory and animal abuse must be punished heavily.
Dec 4, 2016 Crystal Deeb This needs to be done too many Animals are dying they deserve someone who will Love them not hurt them
Dec 4, 2016 courtland gionesi Long overdue. Animal abuse often is related to child abuse but either way, abusers of any kind should be permanently tagged and their status available for breeders, and dealers, farmers, owners and students. Animals in sport also deserve consideration.
Dec 4, 2016 Lara Hembom
Dec 3, 2016 Annette Purscelley Hurting animals should be considered a crime & they should serve time in jail and or prison.
Dec 2, 2016 Lori Rebernik

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