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Goal: 200,000 Progress: 156,078
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Convicted child abusers are automatically entered into a national public registry to inform people of their whereabouts and to ensure children's safety. This helps to keep parents informed about potential danger in their neighborhoods.

Animal abusers should be held to no lower standards, and should be required to enter an animal abuse registry in order to protect the lives of animals living in close vicinity. Sign the petition telling the head of the USDA, Thomas Vilsack, to enact a national animal abuser registry.

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Dear Thomas Vilsack,

I am writing to request that you, as head of the USDA, push for a national animal abuse registry. Much like the child abuser registry, this would require animal abusers to enroll in an animal abuse index that would be publicly available.

A registry of this nature is necessary given the close correlation between animal abuse and child abuse. Many repeat animal abusers often demonstrate violence toward humans as well; more often than not, the two aren't mutually exclusive. This is why we need your help to ensure our communities are kept safe and informed.

Please take the necessary steps to ensure a registry to identify animal abusers is put into effect. Animals and humans alike deserve your best efforts to keep them safe.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

May 5, 2016 Juan Jose Perdomo
May 5, 2016 Yahaira Lopez
May 5, 2016 Karen Ramacher
May 5, 2016 Stacy Martin This is definitely needed! It may help as a deterrent to potential abusers too if they know they will be listed publicly As an abuser.
May 5, 2016 claudia ROSE We must have a national register - otherwise how will ever identify them so they can be stopped
May 5, 2016 Claudia Ruckert
May 5, 2016 naomi king
May 5, 2016 Jeanne Vaudiau Animal abusers next victims could be humans too. Abusers don't stop unless they are forced to stop.
May 5, 2016 Malgorzata Zakowska
May 4, 2016 Marjorie Mogulescu
May 4, 2016 Kara Petracosta
May 4, 2016 Maureen McNeill
May 4, 2016 Nancy Mayes
May 4, 2016 stacie sullivan
May 4, 2016 Jacquelyn Mainey
May 3, 2016 Julie Power
May 3, 2016 Jennifer Rider A registry of this nature is necessary given the close correlation between animal abuse and child abuse.
May 3, 2016 Leonid Volovnik
May 3, 2016 Geri Volpe STOP THE TORTURE
May 3, 2016 Yolanda Estrella Absolutely... All lives matters
May 3, 2016 Akiko Kimura
May 3, 2016 Olya Almazova
May 2, 2016 Katheryn Oliver
May 2, 2016 Cheryl Gormly
May 2, 2016 Dawn Rane
May 2, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 1, 2016 Kim Miller People who abuse animals are statistacilly more likely to commit even more repulsive crimes, against both animals an humans. They have a high rate of recividism and should be registered the same way sex offenders (who also have a high recidivism rate).
Apr 30, 2016 Shari Stoddard
Apr 30, 2016 Jeannine Floores
Apr 30, 2016 (Name not displayed) Nothing excuses hurting an innocent animal. Those that do should deal w authorities and be known the community so that they would be unable to get their hands on more animals. They also should have to pay for the animals welfare for its entire life.
Apr 30, 2016 Lisa Wojciechowski
Apr 30, 2016 Leah Fraser
Apr 30, 2016 Cassie Soja Please help!
Apr 30, 2016 yawen huang
Apr 30, 2016 Leslie Marlin
Apr 30, 2016 Twyla Hertz
Apr 29, 2016 Theress Bennett I am offended that we allow animal cruelty and treat them as disposable. We must do better. They are creatures created by God.
Apr 29, 2016 Christy Foster
Apr 29, 2016 Catherine Traversone We most definitely need a registry. That's the only way people will know who they can't trust.
Apr 29, 2016 Christine Garza
Apr 29, 2016 E.M. Schepers
Apr 29, 2016 (Name not displayed) this is for animals who have no voice of their own
Apr 29, 2016 Derek Vose
Apr 29, 2016 Pat Lopez
Apr 29, 2016 Suzanne Benedict
Apr 29, 2016 Alex Norman
Apr 29, 2016 Lisa Heller
Apr 29, 2016 Michael Ernemann
Apr 29, 2016 Wendy Vanaeken
Apr 29, 2016 Michel Ernemann

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