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7/25/2014: Despite fervent worldwide opposition, the Japanese government has permitted the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Taiji for nearly 50 years. September marks the start of the hunting season. Now is the time to speak out!
Goal: 60,000 Progress: 52,943
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

The time has come once again for the mass slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Bottlenose dolphins are the prime target, their meat sold as a culinary delicacy and their bodies sold as amusement park entertainment.

The fishermen who conduct the slaughter lure the dolphins into a secluded cove from which there is no escape. Terrified and exhausted, the dolphins are systematically and brutally bludgeoned to death.

By the end of each hunting season, which lasts from September to April, close to 1,000 dolphins are killed for slaughter and dozens more are sold into captivity. Those that don't die from the brutal attack generally drown on the way to the slaughterhouse. Nursing mothers aren't spared, babies aren't spared.

The Japanese government has the ability to condemn this bloody event and punish those who participate. But thus far—with tens of thousands of dolphins killed in the last few years—they have done nothing about it.

Sign the petition asking the Japanese government to prohibit the dolphin slaughter once and for all!

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Dear Prime Minister Shinzō Abe:

I am appalled that you have continued to allow the dolphin slaughter that takes place in Taiji starting every September. Every year thousands of dolphins are slaughtered by Japanese fishermen in order to keep the fish populations plentiful and to sell the dolphins' meat. The fishermen employ brutal methods for killing the dolphins. When the slaughter commences, they lure the dolphins into a cove from which they cannot escape. They then throw spears at the dolphins and stab them.

Some of the dolphins are taken to zoos and aquariums where they will live out the rest of their lives in captivity.

Population control is simply no excuse to brutally murder these beautiful and majestic creatures. I find it appalling the dolphin slaughter has been allowed to continue for this long and beg you to reconsider your support of it. Please cease to support this inhumane act.

We need to advocate for these animals if we hope to end this disgusting act of violence before any more precious dolphins are killed for no good reason.


Petition Signatures

Feb 22, 2017 Gene Sengstake I use the term "japs" in reference to the atrocities committed by the jap military during WWII. This annual event is no different that what the japs did during the war. Personally I think the slaughter needs to be stopped the same way - by force - - -
Feb 21, 2017 pamela case
Feb 21, 2017 Jessica Hillan
Feb 21, 2017 Gene Swanson
Feb 21, 2017 Susan Borys
Feb 21, 2017 Deborah Boychuk
Feb 21, 2017 Lila Randolph-Poore
Feb 21, 2017 Libby+Esther berman
Feb 21, 2017 Lisa Voile
Feb 21, 2017 Kelly Tadlock
Feb 21, 2017 Tish Gates
Feb 21, 2017 Noatxell Larrea
Feb 21, 2017 Maria Johnson
Feb 21, 2017 Jodi Perkins
Feb 21, 2017 Kat Pierquet
Feb 21, 2017 Gina Lledo
Feb 21, 2017 Lou Iannucci
Feb 20, 2017 Eleonora De Giorgio
Feb 20, 2017 Caterina Raviglione
Feb 20, 2017 Molly Stringham
Feb 20, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 19, 2017 Theresa LaFata-White
Feb 19, 2017 Major Escape
Feb 19, 2017 Margaret Fularczyk
Feb 19, 2017 Tanya Lenn
Feb 18, 2017 sarah weisberg
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 18, 2017 Gary W. Dolgin How and why this barbarity continues is as unconscionable as it is unacceptable! Don't give the bullshit of "tradition". STOP IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 18, 2017 melissa bird Japan is so lovely, such a shame they are still so barbaric killing wildlife and bringing us closer to a world without these precious creatures. Let's get real and become protectors not idiot slaughterers.
Feb 18, 2017 Jinny Malik
Feb 17, 2017 Sandra Herrera
Feb 17, 2017 Tim Stein
Feb 17, 2017 jill alibrandi
Feb 17, 2017 rosario fumat
Feb 16, 2017 Tammy Ferrell
Feb 16, 2017 Julie Cipale
Feb 16, 2017 Robert Fernandez
Feb 15, 2017 Hannah Larsen
Feb 15, 2017 Kristen Langley
Feb 15, 2017 Kandy Rogers
Feb 15, 2017 Cheryl MacKay
Feb 15, 2017 Jean McClenathen
Feb 15, 2017 suzanne nadeau
Feb 15, 2017 Kim Warmington
Feb 15, 2017 Patrizia Lazzeri I am appalled that you have continued to allow the dolphin slaughter in Taiji starting every September. Population control is no excuse to brutally murder these beautiful & majestic creatures. I find it appalling the dolphin slaughter has been allowed!
Feb 14, 2017 Joyce Lee
Feb 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 14, 2017 Carol McMahon
Feb 14, 2017 Christine McNulty
Feb 14, 2017 Victoria Apodaca

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