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On April 30, 2014, the Los Angeles city council unanimously voted to ban the use of bullhooks and other tools to inflict pain on animals within city limits. This huge win for animals goes into effect in 2017 to allow circuses time to change how they handle elephants. This is only the beginning of the fight! Sign the petition to support a nation-wide ban on these cruel tools!
Goal: 50,000 Progress: 44,223
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Many zoos and circuses today are using inhumane techniques to train their elephants. The methods often involve the use of a bullhook, or a tool used to poke and punish the animals. The bullhook is made of metal and is highly painful to the elephant. The trainer uses the tool to exert pressure on the elephant's sensitive areas and ultimately coax it into performing.

The use of bullhooks and other training methods that utilize pain or force are inhumane and simply should not be permitted for use anywhere. Though captive, these elephants still have the right to live healthy and comfortable lives without humans torturing them.

Sign the petition asking Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to prohibit the use of bullhooks along with other force-based techniques when it comes to training circus and zoo animals.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

As a concerned animal advocate, I am writing to voice my opinions on the use of bullhooks in zoos and circuses for the purpose of training animals. Most frequently, elephants are the victims of this method because they are so large and require a great deal of energy to train. However, there is no need to exert pain upon these poor creatures in the name of entertainment.

If we are going to remove wild animals from their natural habitats and place them in smaller, domesticated environments, we must ensure their quality of life does not decrease. Using objects such as bullhooks and other force-based techniques is cruel and inhumane. Human enjoyment isn't worth another creature having to suffer.

The elephants deserve to live in peace without being treated as slave animals. Zoos and circuses need to find ways to train their animals that don't harm them or make their lives worse. Please implement a ban on the use of bullhooks as well as force-based training methods altogether.

Thank you for your consideration.

Petition Signatures

Oct 21, 2017 Denise Gonzalez
Oct 20, 2017 katherine Sampson
Oct 20, 2017 Angi Beckett
Oct 20, 2017 Donna Roberts
Oct 20, 2017 Monica Preis
Oct 20, 2017 Liliana Fiorini
Oct 20, 2017 Julie Karstensen
Oct 20, 2017 nadeeka senadheera
Oct 20, 2017 Christina Brown
Oct 20, 2017 KELLY F
Oct 19, 2017 Vanessa Montoya
Oct 19, 2017 Stacy Schermerhorn
Oct 19, 2017 Dawn Wait
Oct 19, 2017 Margaret Melnick
Oct 19, 2017 Donalyn Gross
Oct 19, 2017 Christine Cotton Don't just outlaw the use of bullhooks....OUTLAW CIRCUSES AND ANY SHOW THAT USES ANIMALS FOR ENTERTAINMENT! When are humans going to get it and stop this horrific abuse...maybe when they get as intelligent as elephants!!!
Oct 18, 2017 ian languido
Oct 17, 2017 LOUISE MOORE
Oct 17, 2017 Kathryn Fulp
Oct 16, 2017 Brenda Frey
Oct 15, 2017 Jennifer Reed
Oct 15, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 14, 2017 Kimberly Boden
Oct 14, 2017 Nina Carey
Oct 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 14, 2017 Callie Bagdon
Oct 14, 2017 Karl-Heinz Braun
Oct 13, 2017 Theresa Meade
Oct 13, 2017 Sandra C If we are going to remove wild animals from their natural habitats and place them in smaller, domesticated environments, we must ensure their quality of life does not decrease. Using objects such as bullhooks & other painful training. This says it all.
Oct 12, 2017 Carol Wiles
Oct 12, 2017 andree luron
Oct 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 12, 2017 Jordi Malgà
Oct 11, 2017 kaydee lewis
Oct 11, 2017 Sandra Fox Bullhooks never should have been created as training tools, too easy for trainers to inflict pain on elephants and other animals ... aids them in being cruel. Bullhooks should be ILLEGAL!!
Oct 11, 2017 Linda Cook
Oct 10, 2017 oren k
Oct 10, 2017 Dale Zale
Oct 10, 2017 Jean Galati
Oct 10, 2017 Karen Phillips
Oct 10, 2017 Sandra Cobb
Oct 10, 2017 Bassam Imam
Oct 10, 2017 Patty Traube
Oct 10, 2017 Louise Broderick
Oct 10, 2017 Miriam Ashbaugh
Oct 9, 2017 Paul Carver
Oct 8, 2017 Laura Bona
Oct 8, 2017 O. Youmans
Oct 6, 2017 Brenda Roy
Oct 6, 2017 Sue Pankhurst

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