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Goal: 100,000 Progress: 84,906
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

From fur farms where animals are raised and then skinned alive, to steel-jaw traps that clamp down on the legs of wildlife, leaving them there in agony sometimes for days — the fur industry is a cruel and barbaric trade from which many people still collect their paychecks.

We could show you horrible videos depicting the torture some of these animals endure, or show graphic pictures of the aftermath of skinning. But we would rather focus on how to create a movement to stop the fur industry in its tracks.

That's why we've created this pledge — to promote awareness, to incite others to join the cause by swearing off all fur products, to refuse buying products from retailers who use fur, to write legislators asking for stronger anti-fur laws, and to tell friends that fur isn't fair.

Sign the Fur Isn't Fair pledge and help save our furry animals from further pain and suffering they don't deserve!

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Petition Signatures

Apr 25, 2017 Roberto Penaherrera
Apr 25, 2017 Lucy Deakin
Apr 25, 2017 Mary Bates
Apr 24, 2017 Leon Joubert
Apr 24, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 24, 2017 Yolanda Bernhard
Apr 24, 2017 Robin How
Apr 24, 2017 Sharmila Perera
Apr 24, 2017 Chere Conner
Apr 23, 2017 Danielle Ifrah
Apr 22, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 22, 2017 Rebecca Bennett
Apr 21, 2017 Kathy Mason
Apr 21, 2017 Debbie Banditelli
Apr 21, 2017 Kristen Witt
Apr 21, 2017 Carolina Jimenez
Apr 20, 2017 (Name not displayed) Again is it the year 1800? Nope sure as shit isn't so why fur ? So let's ban together and de ide not to wear or need FUR PERIOD. I would rather freeze to death willingly than take an animals fur off their back, how fuckin creepy is that? No sir not me.
Apr 20, 2017 patrick zemp
Apr 20, 2017 Lisiane Buehler
Apr 19, 2017 Cynthia Davis
Apr 19, 2017 Dawn Ciszar
Apr 19, 2017 C Marais
Apr 18, 2017 Kim Lacost
Apr 18, 2017 Jerri Berg
Apr 17, 2017 Mitra Pejman
Apr 17, 2017 Beatriz Zebadua NO MORE USE OF FUR
Apr 17, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2017 Marion Bost This is absolutely barbaric. I don't understand how people can stand this practice. Stop now
Apr 15, 2017 Nathan Fisher
Apr 14, 2017 Karen Webb
Apr 14, 2017 Barbara Watkins
Apr 14, 2017 ulla lobbe
Apr 14, 2017 Katie Schemehorn
Apr 14, 2017 Deb Powell
Apr 14, 2017 Romain Rolland
Apr 14, 2017 Monika Jakubik
Apr 13, 2017 Maria Macpherson
Apr 13, 2017 Petra Hansen
Apr 13, 2017 Lozane Magee
Apr 13, 2017 Lisa Fort
Apr 13, 2017 Lora Hamman This is so disturbing and heartbreaking and must be stopped. Anybody who skins an animal alive is a sociopath. They have no empathy for animals or humans.
Apr 13, 2017 Jenna Allen
Apr 13, 2017 Dag Myhre
Apr 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 12, 2017 Marion Krüger
Apr 10, 2017 Eric Stiller
Apr 10, 2017 Veronica McCarthy
Apr 8, 2017 Yuka Shinoda
Apr 8, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 7, 2017 Doreen Mapes

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