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Goal: 100,000 Progress: 96,467
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Many animal shelters in America are still using the archaic and cruel gas chamber euthanization method. This practice involves putting animals into a small room and unleashing deadly carbon monoxide gas, which eventually suffocates them. There have been reports of animals becoming extremely unsettled and crying during this process.

The most widely-accepted method of euthanasia in the United States is the injection of sodium pentobarbital — a substance that can quickly and painlessly end an animal's life. With this information in mind, there is simply no reason the gas chamber practice should be allowed to continue.

Gas chamber euthanasia remains legal in at least 30 states. Sign the petition urging Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to outlaw this inhumane and barbarous practice in all 50 states.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I am appalled to learn that gas chamber euthanasia is still a viable method of putting animals to sleep in some states. Gas chambers have been largely ruled out as inhumane for humans who are to be put to death, yet it remains permissible for animals. I don't see how this makes any sense.

In fact, there have been reports from animal shelters who claim that, upon release of the deadly gases, animals become extremely unnerved, fight with each other, gasp for breath, and cry out in pain.

At least twenty states now outlaw this barbaric euthanasia method, but that means it's still legal within the majority of the United States. With the existence of cheaper and more effective alternatives, lethal injection in particular, it's a wonder why this process is still allowed at all.

Please lend your influence and expertise to see that gas chamber euthanasia is done away with once and for all.

Petition Signatures

Jan 23, 2017 Sophia Lim
Jan 23, 2017 Diane Chiacchio
Jan 23, 2017 Pascale BOLLIET
Jan 23, 2017 Susan Oldershaw Barbaric and cruel!!!!
Jan 22, 2017 Sylvia Thorne
Jan 22, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jan 22, 2017 Becky Evans
Jan 22, 2017 Rita K Curtis
Jan 22, 2017 stephanie schoville Seriously? Didn't we learn our lesson from WW2 and the gas chambers? THEY ARE CRUEL, INHUMANE and A FORM OF TORTURE!!! ELIMINATE THEM NOW!!!!
Jan 22, 2017 Sue Johnston
Jan 22, 2017 Beverly Johnston
Jan 22, 2017 Kristen Witt
Jan 22, 2017 Howard Cohen
Jan 22, 2017 Linda Salter
Jan 22, 2017 janet guse
Jan 22, 2017 Mark Belanger
Jan 22, 2017 Pam Welsh-Durbin
Jan 22, 2017 April Metheny I have ALWAYS been one who felt that what you do to an animal should be done to YOU! Would you do this to a child? Sure you would if you will do it to a poor, helpless animal! Does this sound harsh of me? No more so than gassing animals to death!
Jan 22, 2017 Laura Saillen
Jan 21, 2017 Debbie Cornell
Jan 20, 2017 Ruth Adams
Jan 20, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jan 20, 2017 N.Z. Gershwin
Jan 20, 2017 Mikayla Burger
Jan 19, 2017 Kevin Maisonave
Jan 18, 2017 Casey O'Conner
Jan 18, 2017 Steve Roth
Jan 18, 2017 Charity Chambers
Jan 17, 2017 April Brown
Jan 17, 2017 Sue King
Jan 16, 2017 Sandy Poole
Jan 16, 2017 Ray Morris
Jan 16, 2017 Debbie Thomas This is a terrible way for any creature to die - and there are still people alive today who can tell you how terrible. Please put an end to this awful and unnecessary practice now.
Jan 16, 2017 Renee Snyder
Jan 16, 2017 renee vesely
Jan 16, 2017 Amina Dhumaad
Jan 15, 2017 Nico Sandman
Jan 15, 2017 Susanna Pohto
Jan 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jan 13, 2017 Dalma Bugg
Jan 12, 2017 Marie Santoro
Jan 11, 2017 Carol Polak
Jan 11, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jan 11, 2017 Mary Prelovsky
Jan 11, 2017 jude lotz
Jan 11, 2017 Sue Jackson
Jan 11, 2017 Lynn Zoch Please work to ban this cruel practice across the country.
Jan 11, 2017 Kristen Boyd
Jan 11, 2017 Amy Whitfield
Jan 11, 2017 Cheryl MacKay

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