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8/6/2014: Terrible news for animal activists came out of Missouri today with the Passage of the "Right to Farm" Amendment which provides a near carte blanche to Missouri's farming industry. This includes the "farming" of cats and dogs, and now blocks anti-cruelty regulation and might even undo past animal rights victories. Sign now to show you won't stand for Missouri's horrible practices!
Goal: 45,000 Progress: 38,913
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Puppy mills in Missouri are causing needless pain and suffering for countless dogs. These are facilities that keep dogs in tiny enclosures or wire cages where they sit alone for hours on end without any human contact or exercise. They often aren't even allowed contact with other dogs, and they must endure abhorrent conditions because they aren't let out for stretching or relieving themselves.

According to the Humane Society, Missouri currently leads the nation in puppy mills. This is despite the narrow passage of Prop B in 2010 which was specifically aimed at curbing this brutal industry and additional regulations in 2011 which imposed stricter rules on dog breeding.

Clearly, the state's recent legislation is not enough. Missouri has to take its puppy mill problem seriously! Sign the petition asking Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to lend his support to stopping the puppy mill trade in Missouri once and for all. Ask him to support legislation that ensures these poor, innocent animals are given the chance to live healthy and happy lives in proper facilities in the state of Missouri.

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Dear Governor Jay Nixon,

As a concerned animal advocate, I am appalled to hear about the atrocities being committed in Missouri puppy mills. The dogs in these facilities are being treated very poorly—forced to live in wire cages among their own waste, and given very little contact with humans or other animals. To me, this is the definition of prison.

Yet, what have these dogs done to deserve this kind of treatment? The lack of exercise, sunlight, and contact with other animals and humans is detrimental to a dog's development. It's simply no way to treat any living thing.

Despite the passage of legislation that promised solutions to the problem, Missouri continues to be the nation's worst state for puppy mills. This cannot continue!

Puppy mill dogs don't live healthy lives, and it's our job to advocate on their behalf. Please join the fight for the welfare of these innocent creatures.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Jun 30, 2016 Tanja Reitz
Jun 30, 2016 karla perla
Jun 30, 2016 Alexis Adams I am appalled that you are allowing puppy mills in your state. Inforce the laws that are in place. If you ever went to a mill you could not live with yourself if you didn't do something.PLEASE STOP PUPPY MILLS!! It is the right thing to do.
Jun 30, 2016 debra greenley
Jun 29, 2016 Claudia Bryan People should be educated about what it means to get a certain breed. Unless you need a service dog or you are a hunter, you shouldn't go for a certain breed. Our shelters ar full. Because of this "I want a ..." Bullshit.
Jun 29, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Jun 28, 2016 Sharon Hines
Jun 28, 2016 Catherine McCalley Please no more puppy mills!
Jun 28, 2016 Christine Young
Jun 28, 2016 Laurie Miner
Jun 27, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Jun 26, 2016 Natalie Bieniarz
Jun 26, 2016 Susan P. Vessicchio
Jun 26, 2016 Anthony P. Vessicchio
Jun 24, 2016 Mark Mcsorley
Jun 23, 2016 Kathryn Shipman
Jun 23, 2016 Madelyn McCaul
Jun 23, 2016 Marilee Smith
Jun 22, 2016 Jieun Bak
Jun 22, 2016 Karen S Green
Jun 22, 2016 Charlotte Gressett
Jun 22, 2016 karine tremblay
Jun 22, 2016 George Hwang
Jun 21, 2016 Kristi Hermanson
Jun 21, 2016 marisa carreras
Jun 21, 2016 Angel Ruppert No more puppy mills
Jun 21, 2016 Debbie Durham I live in Missouri and I vote. We've been hearing about this forever but nothing gets done. Puppy mills need to cease to exist NOW!
Jun 20, 2016 Rita Hammond
Jun 20, 2016 Joyce Griffee
Jun 19, 2016 Jane Kohan
Jun 19, 2016 RENATA FLIS
Jun 18, 2016 Elena Fedotova
Jun 17, 2016 Daniela Romero
Jun 16, 2016 Karen Chesney
Jun 16, 2016 Nancy Preston
Jun 16, 2016 Barbara Carey
Jun 16, 2016 Patrice GARCIA
Jun 15, 2016 Petra Jones
Jun 15, 2016 Lotta Larsen
Jun 15, 2016 sharon vander pool
Jun 15, 2016 robin nelson
Jun 15, 2016 Claudia Ezinicki
Jun 15, 2016 Lin Damon Puppy mills are disgusting & an evil way to bring innocent dogs into this world. US shelters are filled with healthy, wonderful animals that need homes. PLEASE PUT AN END TO THESE HORRIFIC concentration camps. Missouri should be wiped of the map!
Jun 13, 2016 Jessica Trotti I would like to tell the world no more puppy mills as well.
Jun 11, 2016 sharon gooding
Jun 10, 2016 Sharon Sloat
Jun 10, 2016 Ally Trok
Jun 9, 2016 Tiffany Mauritz THIS NEEDS TO STOP
Jun 9, 2016 Melinda Robbins

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