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8/6/2014: Terrible news for animal activists came out of Missouri today with the Passage of the "Right to Farm" Amendment which provides a near carte blanche to Missouri's farming industry. This includes the "farming" of cats and dogs, and now blocks anti-cruelty regulation and might even undo past animal rights victories. Sign now to show you won't stand for Missouri's horrible practices!
Goal: 45,000 Progress: 40,741
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Puppy mills in Missouri are causing needless pain and suffering for countless dogs. These are facilities that keep dogs in tiny enclosures or wire cages where they sit alone for hours on end without any human contact or exercise. They often aren't even allowed contact with other dogs, and they must endure abhorrent conditions because they aren't let out for stretching or relieving themselves.

According to the Humane Society, Missouri currently leads the nation in puppy mills. This is despite the narrow passage of Prop B in 2010 which was specifically aimed at curbing this brutal industry and additional regulations in 2011 which imposed stricter rules on dog breeding.

Clearly, the state's recent legislation is not enough. Missouri has to take its puppy mill problem seriously! Sign the petition asking Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to lend his support to stopping the puppy mill trade in Missouri once and for all. Ask him to support legislation that ensures these poor, innocent animals are given the chance to live healthy and happy lives in proper facilities in the state of Missouri.

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Dear Governor Jay Nixon,

As a concerned animal advocate, I am appalled to hear about the atrocities being committed in Missouri puppy mills. The dogs in these facilities are being treated very poorly—forced to live in wire cages among their own waste, and given very little contact with humans or other animals. To me, this is the definition of prison.

Yet, what have these dogs done to deserve this kind of treatment? The lack of exercise, sunlight, and contact with other animals and humans is detrimental to a dog's development. It's simply no way to treat any living thing.

Despite the passage of legislation that promised solutions to the problem, Missouri continues to be the nation's worst state for puppy mills. This cannot continue!

Puppy mill dogs don't live healthy lives, and it's our job to advocate on their behalf. Please join the fight for the welfare of these innocent creatures.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Jun 24, 2017 Ryno Jansen Van Rensburg
Jun 24, 2017 Frances Stoner
Jun 24, 2017 Tia Kuchik
Jun 24, 2017 Teneill De Beer Dogs are there to be loved not abused! There should be a law for this kind of human behaviour and the punishment should be to the great extent otherwise they will get away with this forever!
Jun 24, 2017 Pat Wenning Puppy mills need to be shut down. There are nothing but a horrific form of animal abuse, no medical care, no human interaction & a nasty environment.
Jun 24, 2017 Megan Stenson Dear governor jay Nixon I'm asking u to stop this puppy mill once and for all!! This is just down right fricken wrong ! LETS STOP RHIS PUPPY MILL ONCE AND FOR ALL!! I'm sure your a family man and have or had a few family pets of your own !!
Jun 24, 2017 Carolyn Keane Please put an end to puppy mills in your state forever!
Jun 24, 2017 Anca Popescu
Jun 24, 2017 Becky Walters
Jun 24, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 24, 2017 Judith Wareham
Jun 24, 2017 Brenda Faria BAN PUPPY MILLS
Jun 23, 2017 Denita Sayers When will this end? And we wonder why our shelters are so full...
Jun 23, 2017 Jennifer Griffin
Jun 22, 2017 Maria Gruber This really has to stop! Thsnk you so much for your work!!
Jun 22, 2017 Beverly Brown
Jun 22, 2017 Ольга Малютина
Jun 21, 2017 (Name not displayed) please stop puppy mill
Jun 21, 2017 Michelle Harris Please help these poor creatures.
Jun 21, 2017 Ellen Prior
Jun 20, 2017 wendy nolan
Jun 20, 2017 ANNE Gilbert
Jun 20, 2017 Janina Kowa
Jun 20, 2017 Lisa Wojciechowski
Jun 20, 2017 emily dugan
Jun 20, 2017 Anne Matarin-Bessiron
Jun 20, 2017 Mark Berriman
Jun 20, 2017 annick louvet
Jun 19, 2017 Rose Jordahl
Jun 19, 2017 Cassandria Lemmon
Jun 19, 2017 Jana Williams
Jun 19, 2017 Angela Stephens
Jun 19, 2017 Linda Harling
Jun 19, 2017 Steven Schueller
Jun 19, 2017 Anna Krohn
Jun 19, 2017 Cynthia Ostrunic
Jun 19, 2017 Marti Worth
Jun 19, 2017 Elizabeth Jones NO MORE. Stop this abuse and neglect of animals. These animals are being tortured for profit and live in horrific conditions and receive no medical care. The puppies are usually sick or have some health issues because of the lack of care.
Jun 19, 2017 Eileen Devereux
Jun 19, 2017 Catherine Cusumano As human being, we can and should be doing better by our animal companions.
Jun 19, 2017 peggy file
Jun 19, 2017 leslie ray
Jun 19, 2017 stacey siegel
Jun 18, 2017 Sara Parmigiani
Jun 18, 2017 Rob Windsor
Jun 17, 2017 Karola Windweh
Jun 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 16, 2017 Julie Miller
Jun 16, 2017 MaryJo Wojtczak
Jun 16, 2017 Dawn Williams

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