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BREAKING NEWS: JUNE 23rd, 2016 - Radagast Pet Food, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has announced a voluntary recall of four lots of its Frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet, which may be contaminated by Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Untreated, a Listeria infection in a cat can result in paralysis and swelling of the brain. This recall comes on the heels of the 35+ recalls that have occurred in the past year. Our pets deserve better.
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Pet food has long been a source of worry for pet owners and health officials. Reports of salmonella contamination are frequent, and threaten not only animals eating the food but also the owners handling it. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins have been found in pet foods as well — including melamine, which has led to multiple pet deaths.

The FDA’s new proposal includes safety requirements similar to those in place for manufacturers of human food, ensuring that manufacturers are proactive in their efforts to keep pet food safe. The current system is reactive; the government does not respond to pet food safety issues until after they are reported. In the past, it's taken weeks of reports from consumers before contaminations were discovered and recalls announced, and thousands of dogs and cats are believed to have died.

This long-awaited move by the FDA is likely to be opposed, and possibly diluted, by large pet food manufacturers and importers. Make your voice heard now: It’s past time for the FDA to help ensure that the food we feed our pets is safe!

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To the FDA Commissioner:

As you know, the discovery and recall of contaminated pet food happens on far too frequent a basis. Recalls of pet food due to salmonella contamination are announced regularly. The melamine scandal of 2007, which caused the tragic loss of thousands of beloved pets and even made it into the human food supply via chicken feed, serves as a warning of how sweeping pet food contamination can be.

I am incredibly supportive of your proposal to enact stronger pet food manufacturing safety regulations similar to those in place for food for humans. No doubt you will receive many communications from organizations determined to dilute and weaken your proposal. I choose to support strong regulation to protect health and lives. Please continue to consider the health of our animals and our population, and enact these regulations faithfully and completely.


Petition Signatures

Feb 20, 2017 (Name not displayed) I have had animals all of my life. Animals are like children, they are part of our families, you absolutely need to require food to be safe for pets as well as humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20, 2017 Deborah Reyes
Feb 20, 2017 Pat Gorham Please consider the health of our animals. Food contaminations are a threat to their safety. Do not discontinue these regulations.
Feb 20, 2017 (Name not displayed) My furry family are IMPORTANT to me as my KIDS. FDA need to do BETTER JOB Regulation this Company to put out Better & Safe Food for our Furry Fsmily Member. This also in Dry Cat / Dog Food.
Feb 20, 2017 (Name not displayed) More laws on pet food
Feb 20, 2017 (Name not displayed) This is long over due. They are as much a part of our families as a child. Please ensure their good health.
Feb 20, 2017 Lori Boswell
Feb 19, 2017 (Name not displayed) Please help to make pet food safe.
Feb 19, 2017 Alex Coffin Pleeeeaaase keep our pets safe, they are our family & they matter!!
Feb 19, 2017 Major Escape
Feb 19, 2017 Carol Cleary This is completely unacceptable..I know they are only talking about the number of pet food recalls iin the past year. But it has been bad for food and baby food safety is a must...and the fda is responsible for ensuring the safety of this.
Feb 19, 2017 Gail Lemaire Our pets are our family members. Make their food safe! We adore our pets and it is your responsibility to see this food is perfect for our fur kids.
Feb 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 19, 2017 Elayne Klein Knowing that the FDA is a government job doesn't surprise me that you are not on top of this terrible issue. I would be happy to volunteer my services to help. At least I would care about our precious pets.
Feb 19, 2017 Karen Anderson Do the right thing......
Feb 19, 2017 Dalin Sary Per food requires FDA oversight. The frequency of recalls, the nature of the damaging ingredients, and the tragic consequences without more careful oversight will continue. A per owner should be able to trust the food they feed their precious pets is safe
Feb 19, 2017 MELANIE NEDDO
Feb 19, 2017 Linda Smith Please enact stronger pet food safety regulations. Our pets are our babies, to some, our only friends and companions and are very important to our well-being.
Feb 19, 2017 Noreen Newmark
Feb 19, 2017 Janice McDaniel
Feb 19, 2017 (Name not displayed) We need to regulate pet food just as the FDA does for people.
Feb 19, 2017 Rose Garrison Bet people at these dog food places don't feed their pets anything but home made food
Feb 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 19, 2017 Ginger Woe We need to regulate and protect our pets!!!
Feb 19, 2017 Hanna Kenny It was a long road to make the FDA doing more for Food Safety for Animals , the Pet Food Company's making way to much Money of Animals and Charging to much for Animal Food
Feb 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 18, 2017 Lena Hamilton
Feb 18, 2017 Nancy Lober We need strong regulations for pet food. Our pets are family and we want the best for them. Strong regulations would go a long way in making sure that our pets are getting the quality food that they need to survive.
Feb 18, 2017 Lucy Burke Why is it human food is regulated yet pet food not as much. This has to stop. Much money is poured into pet food and pets are family so get your act together and start treating animals like people and monitor/regulate watch their food like you do ours!
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 18, 2017 Betty Ostergard this is not right we pay a lot of money and put our trust into buying food from you and you kill our animals shame on you
Feb 18, 2017 norma jean grass
Feb 18, 2017 Nancy Udell
Feb 18, 2017 Sharon Cooper Please keep our pets safe as they are part of the family and should be kept safe just like family
Feb 18, 2017 Elizabeth Rigolosi All pet food should be made in the USA and inspected all the time .
Feb 18, 2017 Grace Smith Please ensure our pet food is safe!
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed) Pet's are family, they should be protected.
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed) Please keep our pets safe!
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed) Pets ARE family. They are wonderful companions to many. Please enact stronger protections for them.
Feb 18, 2017 Mary Paul. My animal or my family I would do anything to protect It's not good in fact it's downright wrong that they would not treat our animals as humans like giving them bad food I will pray upon this They should not be allowed to do business with
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed) It's not fair that they don't think of her pets those people They Are our family
Feb 18, 2017 Sandi Shivers
Feb 18, 2017 Susan Camarda My dog is a valued member of my family. I must have trust in the pet food companies who provide her food. Pet food must be safe, clean and provide all nutrients required for a healthy meal. Please ensure that these criteria are met.
Feb 18, 2017 (Name not displayed) Please protect the health, & welfare of all pets!
Feb 18, 2017 Dylan Wisen Please protect our pets.
Feb 18, 2017 Pamela Wright Need stricter regulations on our pets food.
Feb 18, 2017 Tina Keeling
Feb 18, 2017 Brandy Viverette
Feb 18, 2017 Lisa Murray

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