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BREAKING NEWS: JUNE 23rd, 2016 - Radagast Pet Food, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has announced a voluntary recall of four lots of its Frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet, which may be contaminated by Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Untreated, a Listeria infection in a cat can result in paralysis and swelling of the brain. This recall comes on the heels of the 35+ recalls that have occurred in the past year. Our pets deserve better.
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Pet food has long been a source of worry for pet owners and health officials. Reports of salmonella contamination are frequent, and threaten not only animals eating the food but also the owners handling it. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins have been found in pet foods as well — including melamine, which has led to multiple pet deaths.

The FDA’s new proposal includes safety requirements similar to those in place for manufacturers of human food, ensuring that manufacturers are proactive in their efforts to keep pet food safe. The current system is reactive; the government does not respond to pet food safety issues until after they are reported. In the past, it's taken weeks of reports from consumers before contaminations were discovered and recalls announced, and thousands of dogs and cats are believed to have died.

This long-awaited move by the FDA is likely to be opposed, and possibly diluted, by large pet food manufacturers and importers. Make your voice heard now: It’s past time for the FDA to help ensure that the food we feed our pets is safe!

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To the FDA Commissioner:

As you know, the discovery and recall of contaminated pet food happens on far too frequent a basis. Recalls of pet food due to salmonella contamination are announced regularly. The melamine scandal of 2007, which caused the tragic loss of thousands of beloved pets and even made it into the human food supply via chicken feed, serves as a warning of how sweeping pet food contamination can be.

I am incredibly supportive of your proposal to enact stronger pet food manufacturing safety regulations similar to those in place for food for humans. No doubt you will receive many communications from organizations determined to dilute and weaken your proposal. I choose to support strong regulation to protect health and lives. Please continue to consider the health of our animals and our population, and enact these regulations faithfully and completely.


Petition Signatures

Aug 17, 2017 Kimberly Franks
Aug 17, 2017 June Phillips
Aug 17, 2017 Claudia Martins
Aug 17, 2017 Catherine D.
Aug 16, 2017 jessica decker
Aug 16, 2017 C. Scott
Aug 16, 2017 Bonnie Bushnell
Aug 16, 2017 ani Sandoval
Aug 16, 2017 Steven Schueller
Aug 16, 2017 Evelyn Peterson
Aug 16, 2017 Vanessa Zunn
Aug 16, 2017 Rodica Ardelean
Aug 15, 2017 Debbie Foster
Aug 15, 2017 Natalie Gagnon
Aug 15, 2017 Victoria Anderson
Aug 14, 2017 Alanna Reuben
Aug 14, 2017 Sharon Richardson
Aug 14, 2017 Susan Smith
Aug 14, 2017 Cara Gregory
Aug 13, 2017 Diana Zimmerman
Aug 12, 2017 Amy Chevalier
Aug 10, 2017 Pamela McBee
Aug 10, 2017 cara frame
Aug 10, 2017 Kathleen Tuttle Keeping my cats safe and healthy is my number 1 priority. Stronger safety regulations will help to keep their food safe.
Aug 9, 2017 Lauri Moon
Aug 9, 2017 yvonne Ryder
Aug 9, 2017 Ilse DePriest
Aug 9, 2017 d Corin
Aug 8, 2017 alina stan
Aug 8, 2017 V Hirschhorn
Aug 7, 2017 Stacey Stewart Our pets are our kids - they deserve the best for their health too!
Aug 7, 2017 Laura and Bill Congdon
Aug 7, 2017 Jody Breitenbach Pets are like our children! They need stronger manufacturing safety regulations on their food too! Please support this proposal. Thank you.
Aug 6, 2017 Tina Hartman
Aug 6, 2017 Betty seeger
Aug 6, 2017 Martin Henz
Aug 6, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 6, 2017 Flora Serrao
Aug 5, 2017 Susan Taylor
Aug 5, 2017 agnes trivier
Aug 4, 2017 Brook Won
Aug 4, 2017 Tina Burckette
Aug 4, 2017 Mary Kay Siegel
Aug 4, 2017 Gail Wagner We rescue animals to keep them safe. They become a part of our family and need to have the same quality of food.
Aug 3, 2017 Susan Enzinna
Aug 3, 2017 Sharon Mollett
Aug 3, 2017 William Kirby
Aug 3, 2017 Joanie Galleo
Aug 3, 2017 Roswitha Gistl
Aug 3, 2017 Elva Munro

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