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Goal: 75,000 Progress: 63,631
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

We've all heard of puppy mills—those large-scale, commercial operations that breed puppies for profit. The promise of high returns provides incentive to minimize overhead costs and maximize profit, and the dogs pay the price. Millions of cats and dogs, meanwhile, inhabit shelters where volunteers and charities struggle to provide even basic needs.

Despite the limited protection provided by state and federal regulations, such as the Animal Welfare Act, less-than-ethical entrepreneurs exploit loopholes to sell directly to consumers, often using the internet as a conduit.

While advocates continue to push for tougher legislation, consumers continue to unknowingly purchase puppies and the cycle continues. Rather than relying on a lethargic legislative process, consumers can intervene directly by making responsible and informed decisions when searching for that new family member.

Sign the pledge and put puppy mills out of business.

Sign Here

By signing this pledge and following the principles listed here, I am committed to the cessation of puppy mills and the unethical exploitation of puppies for profit. I promise to:

  • Always consider adoption first. With an estimated 6-8 million potential pets inhabiting shelters in the U.S., your next pet could be waiting at a local shelter. You don't just gain a family member, you're saving a life.
  • Boycott the middle man. Stay away from faceless pet stores and anonymous internet retailers as they are the most likely to sell puppies born in mills. Buy supplies from shops that support adoptions and refuse to sell dogs. Always inspect the facilities and ensure the puppy comes from a humane and respectable environment.
  • Spread the word. Already have a full pack? You can still help by sharing your knowledge with friends and family who might be looking to add one more. Puppy mills rely on consumer ignorance to peddle their product, using deceptive marketing to obscure the deplorable conditions. If more people were aware of the true nature of puppy mills, they could make an informed choice about where their puppy comes from.

For a healthier and happier puppy.

Petition Signatures

Apr 25, 2018 Dena Shelangoski
Apr 25, 2018 (Name not displayed) “The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.”
Apr 24, 2018 Nannette Musumeci
Apr 24, 2018 RICHARD HALL
Apr 24, 2018 Sandra Geisenhof
Apr 24, 2018 Frances Nadeau
Apr 24, 2018 Jackie Jones
Apr 24, 2018 Marie Pleasant
Apr 24, 2018 karen clausen
Apr 24, 2018 Nancy Dowdey
Apr 24, 2018 Rick & Irene Putnal
Apr 24, 2018 Diane Buys
Apr 24, 2018 Margaret Bizjak
Apr 24, 2018 Danette Schau
Apr 24, 2018 gerri call
Apr 24, 2018 C Bauer
Apr 24, 2018 Anne Thurber
Apr 24, 2018 Marianne Salamone
Apr 24, 2018 Arlene Romero
Apr 24, 2018 Judy Childers
Apr 24, 2018 Laura Turner Don't shop, adopt!!!
Apr 24, 2018 Judi McArthur No way would I ever buy a dog when there are wonderful ones available each and every day at shetlers all across the country! All of my pets have been rescues or strays and my life has been enriched because of every one of them. Puppy mills are deplorable
Apr 24, 2018 Kurt Phillips
Apr 24, 2018 Marcia Richardson
Apr 24, 2018 Margaret Suntz This has got to end!
Apr 24, 2018 Francine Traniello
Apr 24, 2018 Patricia Brown
Apr 24, 2018 Karl Kelley
Apr 24, 2018 Elle Bo
Apr 24, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 24, 2018 Laurie Carpenter
Apr 24, 2018 Rudy Pehnec
Apr 24, 2018 Marie Rozlosnik Please help these dogs and put the puppy mills out of business.
Apr 24, 2018 Rachel Bassett
Apr 24, 2018 J Summers Please stop supporting puppy mills. If the puppies aren't being taken care of properly, the mill is in business solely to make money and are not in the business for the right reasons. Abuse and neglect of puppy mill puppies is unacceptable.
Apr 24, 2018 Paula Keenum
Apr 24, 2018 Lynn Eversole Adopt a shelter pet first!!!!
Apr 24, 2018 Beverly Piatt
Apr 24, 2018 Ann Jensen
Apr 24, 2018 Sandy Norris
Apr 24, 2018 Patricia Hall
Apr 24, 2018 SANDRA LOFARO
Apr 24, 2018 Lucy Barnwell PLEASE stop this cruelty!!
Apr 24, 2018 Anne Kreis
Apr 24, 2018 Janet Robertson We must stop these horrific puppy farms !!! The breeding dogs are treated horrifically for a lifetime in a cage with never knowing a warm loving hand. HELP THEM !!!
Apr 24, 2018 Charlene Houchins Adoption is the best and should be the only choice. All animals I had had over the last 30+ years have been rescues. A couple have been challenges but all have been worth it!
Apr 24, 2018 Denise McClain
Apr 24, 2018 Kimberly Kessleski
Apr 24, 2018 Pat Overstreet
Apr 24, 2018 Wendy Cyriacks

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