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On 9/19/2014, we mailed 61,283 signatures to Prime Minister Harper showing your support for the end to the seal hunts. While we await a response, please continue to sign and share this petition to advocate for innocent seals.
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 67,819
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of Canada's seals have been killed in annual "seal hunts." The hunters beat helpless baby seals to death with clubs. The fishermen who perform these hunts make an average of one-twentieth of their incomes from seal hunting — this is not their livelihood.

The hunt starts again every April. We cannot allow this savage cruelty to continue. Sign the petition below telling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put an end to Canada's seal massacre.

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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

I am outraged at Canada's bloody commercial slaughter of innocent seals. Each year, these precious creatures fall prey to the hands of selfish hunters—fisherman who use rifles and clubs to beat and kill seals. Baby seals are often the first to be targeted.

It's bad enough that seals are facing new challenges with global warming depleting their environment and food resources. The seal population is suffering greatly as a result of climate change, yet Canadian seal hunters pay no mind and forge ahead with their inhumane and savage attacks.

What's worse is that seals are being killed mainly so that their pelts can be sold to fashion houses. The fishermen who perform these hunts make an average of one-twentieth of their incomes from seal hunting—this is not their livelihood, and they have no regard for the future of the seals or what their actions could mean for the future of our planet.

We have a responsibility to take care of our environment and the creatures that inhabit it. The Canadian seal slaughter demonstrates some of the most environmentally unsustainable and blatantly inhumane actions imaginable. We cannot allow this savage practice to continue. Please take the necessary steps to ensure this barbaric hunt comes to a halt, permanently.

Petition Signatures

May 25, 2016 Steve Williams
May 25, 2016 vickie quiles
May 25, 2016 bernice boshoff
May 24, 2016 Richard Bosboom
May 23, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 23, 2016 Piotr Kawałkowski
May 23, 2016 irene miller
May 23, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 23, 2016 cheryl beard
May 22, 2016 christine Sembenini
May 22, 2016 Jackylyn Mamador
May 22, 2016 Michele Dechert
May 22, 2016 sophia dalle
May 22, 2016 Sylvie Ménigault
May 21, 2016 Don Merrell
May 21, 2016 janelle barnes
May 21, 2016 Tracey Courage what the hell is wrong with people! There are better things to use that energy on, like helping the environment NOT destroying it. Cold hearted bastards
May 21, 2016 Danielle McDonald
May 21, 2016 Christine Durkin
May 21, 2016 shanna armogan
May 21, 2016 Ann Tryon
May 21, 2016 Derek Peterson
May 21, 2016 Melissa Krauss
May 20, 2016 Pawel Kawalkowski
May 20, 2016 Sandra Cornell I have several petitions regarding the seal hunt over many years. I won't be back to Canada until this inhumane practice is stopped for good.
May 20, 2016 Richard Svensson Canada has no right to call itself a civilized nation as long as this goes on.
May 20, 2016 Toni Constable
May 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2016 Caroline Buboltz
May 20, 2016 Leslie O'Loughlin
May 20, 2016 Rosalie Sable There is no rational reason to continue this cruel and barbaric hunt with the demand for seal pelts dropping every year. I will never again enter Canada or buy Canadian products until it is stopped.
May 20, 2016 Janice Collins I though this barbaric practice had stopped. PLEASE stop it NOW
May 20, 2016 Frederic Lombardi
May 20, 2016 Mary Lyda
May 20, 2016 Brenda Rule
May 20, 2016 Arnaud Pénisson
May 20, 2016 Chrystelle Quebriac
May 20, 2016 Joanne Wrigley
May 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2016 judy chen
May 20, 2016 Joy Schochet This barbaric industry should be shut down now. Torturing animals for fashion should be taboo in our modern, "civilized" society. No country should allow this enormously inhumane business to continue.
May 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2016 Sherry Luttrell This was the first animal rights cause which touched my heart when I was 14. I'm now 53 and I can't believe that all these years later a seemingly civilized country like Canada continues to allow this barbarism. Our fight goes on...
May 20, 2016 Donna Kowalski
May 20, 2016 Karen Lonkey
May 20, 2016 Sharon Shaltz
May 20, 2016 Jason Wood
May 20, 2016 Elisabeth Byers There is only ONE thing these cretins will understand, to be hit in the pocketbook! Boycott ALL Canadian seafood, The monsters that kill these helpless seals are the same who fish and sell their products to us. Please boycott all seafood from Canada!
May 20, 2016 Thea Stevens
May 20, 2016 Valerie Lerman

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