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In June 2014, The Animal Rescue Site received a disappointing letter from YouTube in response to our request to ban dog fighting videos. Rather than agree to remove them, YouTube merely reiterated their flagging policy, and did nothing to acknowledge the harm these videos are causing. Your signatures are more important than ever -- help us tell YouTube that we won’t take no for an answer!
Goal: 200,000 Progress: 142,513
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Dog fighting, in and of itself is a heinous crime. What may be surprising to find out, however, is that others are encouraging dog fighting by offering instructional videos about the activity., the world's largest video sharing website, features videos depicting dog fights and material related to it.

Dog fighting is an abhorrent "sport" in which owners pit two dogs against each other in the ring and have them fight until one collapses or dies. The other dog is most often injured as well.

YouTube should not allow these videos to be featured anywhere on the site as they only promote violence and carnage.

Write to YouTube's CEO asking her to prohibit these videos and stand up for dogs!

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Dear Susan Wojcicki:

Dog fighting is a heinous activity in which two dogs are pitted against each other and are made to fight to the death. It's a bloody sport where no one wins.

These fights depict excessive violence, cause great harm to the animals involved, and break the law in all fifty US states in addition to many countries around the world. By these measures, such videos violate your community guidelines regarding "animal abuse", "graphic or gratuitous violence", "intent to shock or disgust", and "encouraging dangerous, illegal activities".

Despite these safeguards, dog fighting videos persist on your video sharing site. With the resources dedicated to the removal of copyrighted content, these sensational and gruesome videos stand out, lending an air of culpability in propagating this unlawful and immoral practice.

Though you will not comment on the removal of individual videos, the continued presence of this particular category demands a review of your policies and procedures for the handling and reviewing of flagged content. As a good first step, your Community Guidelines might explicitly prohibit the presence of dog fighting videos under your "helpful examples and tips."

Please take down all dog fighting videos and do your part for the humane treatment of dogs everywhere.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Aug 28, 2016 Emily Willis
Aug 27, 2016 Joy Torres I think what these people do to those poor innocent dogs, should be done to them. Then after that, they can serve 10 years in prison!
Aug 27, 2016 Carla Horn
Aug 27, 2016 Christine Rowe
Aug 26, 2016 Lizbeth Reaza
Aug 26, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Aug 25, 2016 Amanda Thomas
Aug 25, 2016 J Botts
Aug 25, 2016 Christine SUNNA
Aug 25, 2016 Jennifer Breitigan
Aug 25, 2016 Pam Rodden
Aug 24, 2016 jackie schon help them
Aug 24, 2016 (Name not displayed) STOP DOG FIGHTING!!! It is CRUELTY TO DOGS!!!
Aug 24, 2016 Anne-Britt Ose Kaltun
Aug 24, 2016 bea zeis
Aug 24, 2016 Claudia Wright
Aug 24, 2016 Yamilet Matcano
Aug 24, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Aug 24, 2016 Leslie Perritt
Aug 24, 2016 (Name not displayed) Barbaric!
Aug 24, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Aug 24, 2016 Rowina ley If some are entertained watching dog-fighting videos, something is wrong with them. It's barbaric and needs to end soon.
Aug 24, 2016 Maria Elisa Sharples
Aug 23, 2016 Devon Stella
Aug 23, 2016 Jareda Quaid You Tube should not support these videos or associate themselves with them in any way. I realize I don't have to watch but I shouldn't have to choose weather I do or not, either. These should not be allowed. It is cruel and inhumane!
Aug 22, 2016 Connie Smith
Aug 22, 2016 Amy Pfaffman
Aug 22, 2016 Jacqueline Clare
Aug 22, 2016 Christy Gunnerud
Aug 21, 2016 Darla Walker This is very disappointing. Animal cruelty is NOT entertainment! Please take these videos down & don't allow any further posts depicting cruelty to innocent animals.
Aug 20, 2016 Vicky Brown
Aug 20, 2016 Robin Adryan
Aug 20, 2016 Deborah Jones
Aug 20, 2016 Virginia Dempsey
Aug 20, 2016 rebecca polen i am now a youtube boycotter! i had no idea that they could show this crime for sport! SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 20, 2016 Marie Louise Morandi Long Zwicker dog fighting is vile, heinous and disgusting, as are those who perpetrate and participate in it. stop allowing this perverted behavior to be championed on your video sharing site.
Aug 19, 2016 Carolyn Edwards-Johnson
Aug 19, 2016 Cynthia Von Schlehenried Please stand up for the animals, every little bit that can be done to discourage the desire to view such barbaric and cruel violence is helpful. By people being able to put the videos up for viewing it is only encouraging more animal abuse.
Aug 19, 2016 Flavia Perizzolo
Aug 19, 2016 Melissa Hatfield
Aug 19, 2016 Debra Lorah
Aug 18, 2016 Olga Espinosa
Aug 18, 2016 Robyn Cotterill
Aug 18, 2016 Pamela Lebowitz
Aug 18, 2016 Caryn Sutherland Take the videos down. They promote more dog fighting!!!
Aug 18, 2016 Sam McLeod
Aug 18, 2016 Susan Bacrantz
Aug 17, 2016 Juanice Burroughs
Aug 17, 2016 Elizabeth Keenan I cant believe they're not already removed!!
Aug 17, 2016 T Hewitt You-Tube; please come to your senses, have a conscience, have a heart.

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